Fiction / Getting into a story with expectations? Sure, but do I nitpick every time?

I never saw myself as a highly critical reader.  Sure, as time goes by my taste did change and there are certain types of narratives don’t appeal to me anymore, and it cannot fill the entertainment value I was longing for. But critical in a way critiques are…I will never be like that.

The biggest reason perhaps is that I rarely see myself get entertained by overly complex plot—not that its most importance aspect is to get entertained, I reckon it want to challenge me, but at this point in my life I’m not up for the challenge…yet (or never…). Often times all I want is a simple, genuine entertainment to distract my time out of this this boring hole that is my life.

Secondly, my taste while do change the basic foundation remained the same! I still covet stories that fall to my personal preferences. Those preferences can range from a simple love story to a great slice of life series. I champion series or stories like this because it mirrors life in the most basic way; and the honesty is just there. And I love those kinds! While yes, sometimes it’s not super engaging by means but I see myself more invested on stories like it than those that too complex which later point in the story confused me!

But I do read complex stories, not often, but I welcome them in my life. But it has to remain consistent. It has to be sincerely complex and not trying to be one. And I know when a story is just trying to impress and one that created this way. Sometimes they have such wonderful groundwork then down the road lost its substance. It’s a shame, and I was badly burnt by this kind of awesome at the start, lost its steam at the end.

When it comes to this, I become more critical than I actually am, because there was a challenge and it didn’t keep up with it. I rarely subject myself to openly assessing a simple story because it was very basic and offers what it promises to us, readers. Yet, that said, I still don’t see myself as highly critical reader. Once upon a time I committed myself reading and reviewing books—it was fun but it made lost the fun in reading.  But even though I don’t review anymore I always find myself analyzing few bits. Ahaha, bad habits are really hard to break!