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I’m not really into gender or age division when it...

I’m not really into gender or age division when it comes to reading. I think regardless of your gender (or age) you can enjoy the hell out everything you want! There’s no one will judge you—at least not me, I will never—should you decide to read that isn’t normally perceive by society that you should be reading by those still have some sort of backwards thinking. Don’t mind them, you read what you want! That’s always been my motto!

But demographics are real but to me it’s just formality. Sure, I’m well aware that shonen as demographic means it is marketed towards young boys or teen boys. I’m neither a teen nor a boy (LOL, obviously) yet, I still find myself enjoying so many shonen series because they’re enjoyable, they’re fun to read. I don’t think I care about what people think especially when there’s nothing harmful about it (either to myself or the others). I stick to my principle of loving what you read, whatever that is! As a true blue escapist the notion that you read within your age bracket is utterly nonsense!! Once again, let people read what they want!

Question! Is there a different between an adult and woman who reads shonen to people who are actually the target market of it? Yes, there’s probably a difference but so what? I think people really need to chill and let people freely without judgment to partake on activities that they find enjoyable! Yes, sometimes it’s ironic for me to describe these series as “juvenile” considering it’s my own decision to read such, but I do not in any way belittle the minds of the target readers. They’re more than what adult thought of them! Give them credit! I remember when I was young I loved watching action anime! I watched when I was just 9 years old. Too young? Maybe, but you see even at that age I knew what I was watching! I knew then and there the violence I subjected my young mind but look, I’m still okay right now. I still respond with compassion above all. I know they’re just entertainment, fictional. I picked up the lessons and disregard the unnecessary! So I think there are young people who are just like me when I was young! We don’t just do what we see. They’re capable of thinking, too! If given the proper explanation like they can understand it! Don’t dumb them down because of their age.

I digress, in some ways I grew out of things I enjoyed when I was young. Maybe there are things I liked before but wouldn’t touch with a ten foot yard now! And that’s okay, the time I liked it, or enjoyed for that matter is what I find important with the whole experience! But even now that I’m an adult I still love reading about the adventures of young kids working hard to achieve their dreams! There’s something positive about this kind of theme! And I want to read ‘em!!

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