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It was a little slow here @ the blog last November. I had my hands full on other things that I might’ve sacrificed my blogging time to something else. I was preparing for our family trip, sorting out documents, then tried to finish a design commission before I left the country (was a bit unsuccessful on the last part OTL). If you’re interested to know about them, I have a brief breakdown (or the TL;DR version) below:

Minuscule Blog Posts:

I was bit quiet last month. I only managed to come up two posts with one being just a regular feature. I have topics listed down (I think I’m good for 2 months…or more?) but I didn’t get to write them; like I said I was quite preoccupied. Nevertheless 2 posts were better than nothing.

That Reading Index

I brought my e-reader for instances that our flight might get delayed (which it did, like for two hours). But I managed to only read 25% of it because I ended up taking nap instead (sleep is too precious for old woman like me LOL). So at least I can say I did try (but it wasn’t good enough, I know).

But that was for books. I’m happy to say that I read a couple new josei series & totally fell in love with them. I’m going to tell you more about it on my next edition of “What’s On My Reading List?

Other fandoms, passion, some RL & whatnots:

  • Untitled-4The biggest highlight of November was our trip to Malaysia. We only roamed around Kuala Lumpur so I didn’t get to see some popular spots outside of their capital like Lego Land in Johor (which I was told was near Singapore already). Actually we initially wanted to go Singapore (next time maybe, in God’s hands) but we lacked time to do it so we concentrated in KL instead. I posted few snippets of it via my IG (that I now made private, if I know you anywhere please don’t hesitate to add me) I’ll be writing a post about my trip soonish.
  • Another highlight for me (that was part of our trip) was visiting Kinokuniya. It was a massive bookstore with tons of foreign and local books. I must say that their YA books were a teeny bit expensive compare to our prices here in the Philippines. Like I forgot which books it was but I remembered it was MYR 42+ (MYR 1 = PHP 11+). But manga tho!!! As in Japanese manga was little bit cheaper than if I were to import them either from honto or cdjapan. I’m also gonna write a post about this too.
  • Like I said above, I was commissioned to do a design (blessings!). I thought I could finish it before our trip but I was unable to do it. But it’s 90% done already. I’m actually a bit nervous (with some excitement mixed in) since it’s gonna be my first time doing blog design that is not for a book blog. ^^;
  • Finally got my hair chopped. It was pretty longish (like half of my back already) but I’m getting tired of it. Plus my hair is super thick & somehow frizzy so I cutting so much of my hair made it more manageable.
  • I got addicted to neko atsume. Like every freaking hour I checked if there was a new cat on my yard. I’m channeling my frustrations of not owning real cats to this one. At least mom approved, HUR!!!

And that’s it! It’s kinda hard to believe that 2015 is almost over and the city bustling with Christmas fever. I’ll try to make up for my shortfalls last month!!!

And now I turn over to you beautiful people; how’s November?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!