I’m not the high fantasy type shoujo reader. Even in books I’m reluctant with this genre. It’s not my forte; not my territory. I’m not comfortable with it, I’m more on the slice of life slow pace sort of thing but when something barrages my comfort zone with awesomeness, I know I found a gem in it!

I have so many anime that I’m excited to watch this fall (any by fall, I mean in Japan, as Philippines doesn’t have seasons). I’m going to post about it later this week (if I didn’t get lazy and or I didn’t forget) and also will try to do some sort of summary for this season’s anime line-up (because asdfhjlkldsls;; it is awesome dudes and dudettes!!!) . Sorry, I have a bad habit of getting easily sidetracked. Not back on track, this high fantasy shoujo manga of epic proportions I’m talking about? The one who bulldozed its way into my fangirl heart? It’s Akatsuki no Yona (暁のヨナ)! I was intrigued with this title way before I even saw that it has anime coming this October (although Studio Pierrot is the producer; I’m bit scared, you guys. Scared after what is happening to Tokyo Ghoul). But it’s better than not getting animated (that’s the only mantra I’ve been telling myself).

I was reluctant at first so I put it way (waaaay down) in my list. And I regretted it. Big time! It was so awesome. I admit at first I had this Fushigi Yuugi vibe coming from it (with less annoying heroine, in fact I love the heroine, Yona, as she was nice, pure kind of girl. Her naivety is not annoying!) This girl needed to gather 4 guys (as opposed to 7…I think) but I think the reason that I felt that way was because it was one of the title that I really loved before and have the same theme, however, let me say that story and characters are far superior than the old series I’m comparing it with.

So Yona was a princess who was in love with her cousin. But her dad wanted her to marry another guy. One night, a tragedy befell his dad and her first love, So Won was the suspect. Along with her childhood friend slash bodyguard and also the country’s general, Hak, they fled the castle. They met a seer (or something) and told her a prophecy and she needs to gather the people that inherit the dragons will. And the journey begins.

I need me some HAK!!! Seriously, this guy is so admirable, swoons worthy and dedicated and he gives me this I-must-root-for-his-happiness emotion. Oh, I will, Hak. Don’t you worry you have my 1000% support. You and Yona must happen! *coughs* I feel for Hak, he was obviously in love with her, even the people around him know it. It’s just Yona…hasn’t. *sigh* So yes, even though I’m flailing like a fangirl here (as always) the romance is very not…not…so…much. And I liked it that way. But the author didn’t neglect to tease us with good moments (because when it happens, I’m positively swooning!) And did I say that four dragons are ikemen? They are hilarious as well. This is really a gold of mine entertainment!

There is something about the childhood friend, cousin of hers than meets the eye. I feel like he was hiding something and he wasn’t all that bad (but he did very unforgivable thing…and I don’t know how will he redeem that. If it’s really redeemable.) But I know he has a reason. Then again, my eyes are exclusively set on Hak. So I want him, always! LMAO!

Too bad that scans are quite slow and now I’m resorting to raws (which is always the final straw). But I can’t help it! Must know what will happen because that last chapter I read promises so much more. Oh guys, I’m in love. I’m irrevocably in love with this series!