It’s that time! Once again peeps I’m sharing thee my brief impression on anime I’m currently watching this fall! It isn’t as overly hyped as last summer (because all the faves and the baes were there!) but I think it’s started pretty nice to me. And I think I found another awesome series to follow!

*I was supposed to post this in November but the schedule I originally had for it was a bit…too late? hence not suitable to call it “first impression,” (defeats the purpose of this feature) so here we go!*

3-gatsu no Lion – Umino Chica-sensei delivers yet again! I swear if Haikyuu isn’t part of the list (or Bungou Stray Dogs just started the guild arc immediately) I think this series is my favorite. Yep, calling it now! I read the manga (and caught up finally, since chapters were pretty short for a monthly seinen series) and it’s pretty great. The same feels and depth writing you got from Honey and Clover remains but still unique on its own! I loved how Shaft transition Umino-sensei’s deep and very onomatopoeic type of dialogues into the anime! The shogi lingo still leaves me dumbfounded but who cares! I love it! Love it!

Ajin 2nd Season – this arc is the most interesting for me yet (despite Satou’s very gruesome, questionable methods…if you’re reading the manga you know what I mean) so I’m accepting the CGI favorably this time (more so than the first season). But bleck!  I hated the OP song, the first season was whole lot better and amazing. I think by now I have no more big complaints about it. Even though I hated their decision to make this CGI, I’m quite satisfied with the adaptation as whole.

Bloodivores – I’ve only seen the first episode and it was really uninteresting to put it mildly. Initially I have no plans to watch it, but I’ve heard that it’s adaptation of popular Chinese webtoons/web comics, and you know me when it comes to this medium! I support! I still have plans to binge watch the rest of episodes soon but first impression isn’t all that satisfying.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season – I wasn’t a fan of the first 4 eps aka Dazai’s past. Admittedly, Dazai isn’t my favorite character from BSD. They are Atsushi, Kunikida, Kyouka and Akutagawa! Waiting for them was real test of patience! I’m little pissed because I thought it’ll continue where the first season left off. But you know what happened! But I’m glad it’ll go back to the main plot! I need this!

Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou – hikare areeeee yeah~ ♪  this song stuck with me for like a week. And I watched the first episode more than I count! That is how excited I was for it! I know it’ll last for like 10 episodes only but this is the ONLY sports series I’m watching this season And even if that’s case I think HQ!! is filling up for it! Gawd, those Tsukki moments! AAAAAHHH!!!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – not as fuwa fuwa as Amaama to Inazuma (I’m sorry for the lack proper adjective to use) but it’s still a pretty nice series. The OP song was totally adorable; I just found myself humming it and even have the urge to dance along! “I will never never never never let you go~♪soooo cute! Poco is cute! Udon is delicious! And Nakamura-san’s voice is just awesome! So what’s not to like?

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda – I’m not really Kae Serinuma kind of otaku if we’re sticking the label right! But I love this show! I love the seiyuu and this whole craziness these peeps are bringing in! This is my favorite reverse harem next to Ouran High School Host Club. It so hard to find a great reverse harem series after Ouran I tell you! All I saw were from otome games: which were OK. But this one, I love the comedy, I love the madness, I love everything about it, OK! Otaku represents!  Every episode always leaves me laughing so hard. This is a crazy, funny series!