Mob Psycho 100 probably has the most creative opening visuals!!! Loud, crazy and fun!!! Bones is slaying this season yet again!

I was salivating for most of these shows ever since they were announced! And here they are, ready for consumption! And feasting did I do! The crazy thing about it (apart from their schedules—they are all airing on same days WHY??!!) I fell in love with shows I didn’t expect to really, really like. I mean, this is me, I always have expectations but they blew right out of the water! Which series are they! You’re about to find out!

91 Days – I’m once again gaga over TK’s new song! Gaaaahhh~ eargasm to highest level. And yes, I admit that I initially wanted to pick it up because of the OP song but the story is equally as awesome as the song! I haven’t seen The Godfather but my sister who did see it said that there are lots of homages done for it in this show. Even the logo was a reminisced of the popular mobster movie. But the story will always keep you wanting for more. I love the momentum of the story and how proportionally scattered the story elements—making this show the one of the best this season!

Amaama to Inazuma – feels like every episode will leave me crying happy tears! This is one of the shows I know will make me super emotional (in a good way) more so than Orange! It’s not heavy or dramatic but the slice of life elements are pure as you can get! The father and daughter relationship is portrayed in a way that will pull a tug in your heart without relying to cheap overly dramatic situations! Plus food! No one will say no to food! Yummy foods! Maybe I can learn a thing or two with it!

D-Gray Man: Hallow – first, not a fan of the opening song! I said that before now, my expectations kinda lowered after all the things I noticed that just didn’t fit to what I know of DGM. And yes, I’m still sour-graping over the new casts as much as I love these VAs, but the old ones fit their personalities to a T! And then I found out that they’ll be packing 40 chapters’ worth of material into 13 episodes. Let’s say this development is always not a good sign! I’m preparing my heart now!

Fukigen na Mononokean – moja! The fluffy ball of goodness and all the yokais are what making me love Fukigen Mononokean! This is one those kinds that that even though it has supernatural elements to it the characters are what I normally see/read in slice of life series. There’s something that’s nice, fluffy (no fun intended) and warmth that I really love to watch!

Handa-Kun – I didn’t know Kinema Citrus (studio behind Barakamon) didn’t do the prequel. I’m little sad about it because the animation of Kinema Citrus was pretty good! It’s not like it wasn’t on par but let just say I love the crispiness of the details on the sequel. That said the anime remains true to its original source! What did I expect? Loads of misunderstanding—on Handa-kun’s part & his equally oblivious classmates!

Hatsukoi Monster – there’s a reason why I didn’t continue reading the series and the anime reminded me of that! I think I liked the idea but I just can’t take this seriously—in a way that it bores me! I’m not sure whether to continue this or not but let me just say the prospect of continuing it isn’t all that feasible!

Mob Psycho 100 – SLAY! SLAY THEM WITH ESP! Gawd, BONES you made some awesome with this title and I’m irrevocably in love with every bits of this show: the music, the design, the story—oh gosh, not a brilliant idea to throw! SUPER GOOD! I love how Bones play with ONE’s (mangaka of One Punch Man as well as Mob Psycho 100) unorthodox drawing style! It’s crazy, fun and avant-garde and I just love this series! I was looking forward based on that awesome trailer. But I believe I just scratched the surface. It offers more than what I though it’ll have! Seriously I can’t wait for more (Animax is also doing a simulcast airing!) based Bones! Based Bones!!! <3333

Orange – when I was reading the manga at its earlier chaptersI thought the story was dramatic but not overly so. It sprinkled few light-hearted moments making it not too heavy. But I find all these elements too theatrical and disconnected which is why I admitted not shedding a single tear for this series. Even the transformation of the manga to anime didn’t do any favors to me. That said, I liked it. Just liked it enough to watch. I wouldn’t say it’s my slice of life series of the season. I think Amaama to Inazuma fill the gap in abundant for that! Sorry Orange folks!

ReLIFE – I was so surprised that the show aired all the episodes all at once! But just like the web comic, I think they successfully adapted the material. There were minor changes; some were a bit faster than from what I remember (particularly the beginning sequence and the last few episodes). Overall I liked it. I think if I haven’t followed the webcomic like I do now, I’ll probs will pick it up after watching it!

Shokugeki No Soma: Ni No Sara– another one that will try squish sizable amount of chapters into 13 episodes!  Seriously, why?? Autumn election is one of my fave arcs in SnS so I’m kinda bummed out that second season is getting TG treatment (too many chapters in too little eps). Nevertheless I’m still enjoying it because at the end of the day, Sns is SnS! And it’s still one of my favorite shonen series out there!

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