Blogger / In which Mitchii shared a not-really-secret, secret.

I don’t really share my thought process when it comes to designing. It’s not like I have some hidden jutsu behind it. Honestly I don’t. I thought my process is simple and ordinary. I hope inspiration do come easily but alas it doesn’t. I think I have very normal approach to it: when the inspiration strikes—it strikes! It comes from everything I see. Sometimes it came when I was window shopping and saw a piece of garment. The entire idea always came from a single piece.

Let’s broaden that topic: for example this theme, I was inspired by the owl in my blog’s header, which I also got the color palette with. Coincidentally it already has peach color, which as long as I’m creating theme designs for my blog will always have that color. I just want consistency. When I design, I don’t concentrate on the header or footer. I see the structure as a whole. In most times I repeated what I liked from my previous work. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So I don’t, I just refurbished it so it’ll look kinda new (well, kinda <- keyword here). It’s pretty obvious that a lot from my previous theme’s elements are still present—because I do like it. I just didn’t like how flat, how boring it was before—I want colors dammit! kao_sad

I sketched first on paper; the structure/layout then the design. I    designed a mock-up on photoshop. I spent so much time rearranging the features—to only ended up returning to how I first arranged it. Dang, I’m such a time waster. *coughs* When I liked it (sometimes I liked it only for a night, then scratched it entirely the next day & created a new one—another cycle of self-inflicted design sadism that night again—oh, it’s not always fun I tell you! Lots of hair pulling happens, ahaha….*laughter crumbles*

But there were times that I liked it. I liked it so much I was eager to code it asap. Yes, another round of frustrations because of my limited development skills. I also considered this when I design, I need to know how to code it. But there were days that miracles happened; times were everything works at first try! Hooray!!! I’m always accompanied by sweets and my music. I want music blasting to my ears; ironically it makes me relax. Yeah, I know I’m weird that way.

And that’s it! See no hidden jutsu behind it. Just lots of messing up! *laughs* Few moments of despair and lots, and lots of sweets and awesome Japanese music!!! They always help! kao_cheering But occasional mishaps withstanding, I do love what I’m doing, I really do love web design! heart_bounce

Note: Kindly refresh the blog for few times if you think it looks funky. You might’ve been viewing the cahed version.