Personal / and the saga continues, finding tranquility part two!

It’s kinda ironic that now that I have more time to blog my motivation ain’t there. Ah, let me clarify that statement, my motivation to blog topics I normally share ain’t there. My thoughts are full of worry. My body is laced with anxiety. My GERD is acting up, on and off—which means I’m nervous than usual and this isn’t really good for my overall health. The news about the virus looming and the incapability of the government to respond adequately, sure ain’t gonna appease my overthinking mind. Then maybe it’s time for me to stop. Pull the breaks from information overdrive. I did mention that I want to find tranquility in these trying times. What do you guys do to keep your mental health in check? Especially during a pandemic?

I want to start doing journaling again. I was supposed to buy a new printer so I can print out pretty arts & stickers for my journal but boom, quarantine said the government. Even though I’m super reluctant with the whole thing (and not because I want to disobey but this lockdown is more of a band aid solution if mass testing is still up on the air.) I’ll follow and postpone my plans. Health of everybody is important. So instead I’m just gonna do some planning since I love doing that.

In all honesty, my life is moving normally even though we’re staying indoors 100% of the time. Like I said I’m a hermit therefore this whole thing shouldn’t be a big deal to me. But what about the month after, what happens next? That always crosses my mind, that’s why even though only little has changed in the meantime, I can’t help but still worry. So I need to also keep my sanity intact. I need to channel all of this info out even for a few hours a day so I can check my mental health. So instead I’m watching home makeovers, desk tours (because I’ve been wanting to do my workspace some makeover and maybe soon I can give you a tour. Yes?). I’ve been bookmarking some pretty inspiration on pinterest and instagram. I’ve been planning, and planning. Since our travel plans are cancelled indefinitely maybe I can channel some of my plans to this overdue space makeover.

I also started doing my illustrations again. Yesterday (this is real time blogging; my posts for march are saved for later) I attempted to do some street east asian fashion. I also slowly reorganizing my portfolio, hopefully to be up in the next couple of weeks. My work continues so it’s not that my life went on a standstill. And busyness keeps me occupied hence not thinking about it. And the reason why I’ve decided to post this spur of the moment thoughts is because in a way dumping this heavy load is refreshing! I feel a little lighter.

Since most of us have nothing during the quarantine, sometimes we’re too glued to our social media accounts and the information we see is kinda overwhelming and it affects our mental health. Like me for instance, constant reminders about health issues makes my hypochondriac self drive into overdrive. So sometimes you need to pause. Do something else, or if emotions are too much, write a blog about it. Like me, I was finally able to release this pent up emotion on how I deal this mentally.