News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this April!

We have officially entered the second quarter of the year & it feels surreal! I read a tweet before how people moaned about January being long and dragging but here we are almost mid-year! I can’t believe it, seriously! What’s the hurry though? Can we all chill down for a bit?

Anyway, April was pretty nice and productive in some ways. What I promised myself to do though, well, I didn’t do it again because I’m such a procrastinator. But I have to do it! I must, Gaaah I think it’s not about the other factors, it’s more about me and my emotional well-being sabotaging my confidence! Ack, why am I this kind of person! I hate it! Well, in other news, summer this year came very unbearable! It was surely more humid than last year! So guys in PH, stay cool & dehydrated (read somewhere that it’ll become hotter by May, like noooo!!!)

Blogging in April: Trying to do some photography but failed…maybe it’s time to think about getting a new camera?! Santa please!!

I think I spent two days (but it took me two hours max each) to do some blog photography but completely failed! I didn’t like how the camera registered the images…they absolutely looked poop I was excited because I bought new manga & I want to incorporate them in my blogging pics but blegh, I think my camera now is so outdated (it’s older than my Sony Cybershot® that I broke last, last year). I usually don’t wanna invest because, well, money!! But I’m also thinking about a nice camera to bring when I travel! So I’m weighing the cons & pros but first money!!

Blogging post wise, it is smooth as ever~ I’m done with my May posts: all scheduled, drafted and ready to go!! So May is pretty much planned out & prepared! As for April, I think I did well! I managed to post everything in my planner so there was that!! And before I endlessly babble about it, here they are:

April Reading List: Reading? Staring? More webtoons!! And the great Katekyo Hitman Reborn!! Reread Marathon!!

Boys ‘n Girls be ambitious!

It didn’t feel like I did a lot of reading but I actually did lots! I also find a gold trove of entertainment in the form of CH webtoons!! There’s a series I read before called 恋是樱草色 (Love like cherry blossoms) and I’m absolutely in love with it, however the unofficial translations are pretty far and because I’m impatient, I marathon it even don’t I don’t understand the language (I mean I can identify some characters because I’m studying Japanese but how do I know if it means the same?) but GAAAH~ it’s so pretty I ended up trying some series there!! Although I wish I could understand (I think my plate is full with both JP & KR already, I can’t handle more) but I think the illustration are pretty clear & straightforward which I think I can get it without actually understanding it…hopefully!

1. 기절소녀 하나미 (Blackout Girl Hanami) ∙ (ongoing) I saw Lezhin ENG site promoting it, so I read it but then you know what kind of a reader I am, so again I blazed through the Korean version and it was so fun! Girl faints when she’s in extreme emotional point (most likely to faint when in front of the person she likes) but there’s more to it. I’m rooting for my boy, the idol, aka secondary guy, but what’s new?

2. (Crimson Hero)(completed) how many times did I try to start reading it but failed? Too many times! But one night I was in the mood and I fell in love with! It’s probs the first time I read sports shoujo series that actually feels like a legit sports manga!! I was rooting Yuushin & well, everything happened according to keikaku! LOL

3. REBORN! (Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!) ∙  (reread / completed) the last time I read KHR is when it was still serialized in JUMP! Yes, that long, anything past Future Arc I didn’t remember anymore (bcos I hated the Shimon Arc) so it was pretty nice to re-read one of my fave series of all time!! I actually gushing about it on twitter when I did my reread so I leave it there!

4. (Incredible June)  ∙ (ongoing) Cute! And nice! And cute again! That’s how I describe it. I again got to know it through an unofficial translation but after the 3 chps I hunted down the raws and marathoned the heck out of it! It had the same dynamic as 아가씨와 우렁총각 but cuter! I love how guy was in love with her…but they had a very sad past though…at least that’s what the latest chapters implied…huhuhu waitin’

5. (Lion to Hanayome) ∙ (completed) Something I read before I went to sleep. Orphan girl married sensei but sensei already has a son the same age as her & well, you know what it means right? Love triangle!! I spare you the deets in case you want to read it!

6. (Love Monster) ∙ (completed) Absolutely nonsense yet it was fun haha, it’s like the dumber version  of (no offense meant, alright?) But it was okay-ish, I just want something to read before I sleep & this made me sleep alright, so it did a pretty good job! Took me days to finish, haha!

7. (Ouji-sama to Haiiro no Hibi) ∙ (completed) it’s kinda strange, and thought first it was light, but nope it’s actually quite dark! I’m all for gender bender series but this one had some complicated drama in it! It was pretty interesting!!

8. 은사 (Teacher) ∙ (ongoing) it’s a new series on Lezhin, guy has tragic past and so is the girl and music will somehow connect them. Guy’s older than the girl though. It only has 5 chapters from my last check so there’s nothing much I can say although the start is pretty interesting

9. 내 생애 최고의 늑대 (The Greatest Wolf of My Life)(ongoing) It’s pretty funny series, with girl being mistaken as pervert (she was just saving his underwear that was blown by the wind, poor girl) and the owner of the said boxer is an IDOL!! But complication didn’t end there when her childhood friend who said to be in love with her returned! Yep, riot!!

10.(ongoing) (not sure how to translate this but according to dictionary 梧桐 (parasol tree) 细雨 (drizzle…? I recognized ‘cos that’s rain in Japanese) Anyway, it’s about an art student who literally bumped into this guy & their meeting wasn’t that good (he was a bit rude)! But after countless of meeting & miscommunication they fell for each other. The guy is a guitarist from an indie band so their interests are pretty different, but their chemistry was so there~ Again, it’s CH so I’m not sure what they were saying but I was so in love with art it was traditionally painted at the beginning! It was so amazing!! I wish someone TL this because I want to know what they say! But in the meantime, I’m happy just starin’ haha

Life in April: Summer, sweatin’, melting like an ice cream, procrastinating like a boss, regrets, birthday and some more!!

I ate so much ice cream this month!!
  • The start of the month was pretty awesome! I think I was beaming with positivity, chanting “I can do it, I can do it” but when the time I needed to do it I chickened out!  I again run out of time and now here I am…lost on what to do!! I hate myself, even if I was given enough push and pep talk, I ignore it and remain a scaredy cat that I am!!
  • It’s officially summer and the heat! The heat is just so unbearable after I showered I’m sweating again!! That’s the whole routine for the month! I hate how humid it is, my face oils up like I have the oil deposit stock up in my pores!! Ugh… although my skin has slowly getting back but I really hope these pesky pimples stop sprouting very now and then! Ughhh!!
  • Sissy birthday! It was pretty nice one, we went out with my older brother’s family but there was some sort or drama there haha…not gonna talk about it’s their issue! But yeah, it was fun…bunso’s (that’s Tagalog term for the youngest sibling) birthday were always memorable anyways!
  • My sister said that I always want to watch so many anime but when it’s time to watch it I kinda forgot about it! Anyway I did watch some (I have thread of it on twitter so check it if you’re curious) but yeah, I think I’m also gonna continue watching (because have you seen & heard the new OP it was totally kickass!!) and it enters my fave arc so far in the story so hell yeah spring anime! And you know how awesome  OP is????  Yeah, it was LIT!!

Looking Forward to May: I honestly have no idea what’s ahead! But I’ll stay positive; hopefully I can kick my ass to move…stop procrastinating!!

Reset, restart, and determination!
  • The title says it all, I’m not sure how to think of what May will store for me! But I have to make my gears rolling; there are no ifs and buts anymore!! I have to be positive and trust myself that I can do it. Sometimes I can be so emotionally caged and that I wallow myself in doubts and anxieties…regardless of things that point out that I can do it. I just hate how emotionally and mentally fragile I am…but we’ll see! I want to happily yell in my next wrap-up post how I excel at doing it (or just happy that I did what I’m supposed to!)
  • Well, I just wish May will be good, no, I will make May good!  I pray that it’s the ‘month’ that I’m praying for (but heavily relies on me though *insert nervous laugh* but yeah, I just want it to be okay and smooth if ever! Thank God for every blessing we receive! May! Be good to me, May!! May the odd be in my favor~!!
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. — Philippians 4:6-7 NIV