News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this April!

Gosh, how is it already May tomorrow? Like how did that happen? I was pretty chill last month but nothing like writing the monthly recap to remind me of month’s being over again while I anxiously greet the new one! It’s a monthly habit that never cease to amaze, freak? me. I’m just astound all the same how time fly by and how it’s making me nervous ‘cos time just won’t slow down! As usual, shou-out to my girl, Taylor’s super catchy new song Me! for my April fave tune!

Anyway, I was super excited for April because of the incoming holiday break but unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly productive; with my desktop acting against me mostly (and some distractions I admit). I really need a brand new one, although after cleaning up my drive and uninstalling unneeded apps my desktop is starting to run more smoothly although it lags whenever there are too much apps running but it’s better now but I need to save. I got sidetracked, here’s the rest of April for me!

Blogging in April. Done everything down my list, something I was quite proud after all the postponed plans.

April was smooth sailing blogging month for me. I stuck to my post schedule like I planned it. And I couldn’t be happier when things happen according to plan (‘cos like 99/100 of things I wanted to do during my short break didn’t pan out ‘cos reasons!) So I’m contended. Wishing same for May *finger crossed* but first, those blog posts aren’t gonna write themselves

Reading in May. I’m back to business and I spent time watching anime. It has been ages since I binge watched a series!

It’s FMA marathon kinda month!

I didn’t read much this May. Why? Netflix happened. Kidding, wasn’t exactly the reason, I mean it’s not like I have time to marathon or even the shows to marathon. And I’m not into their lineup, sadly. Netflix needs to add more anime in their catalogue. But the real reason was I watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I finally freakin’ finished it. *fist pump* It has been years and as expected from #kween Hiromu Arakawa-sensei it was amazing! Damn, please remind why it took me this long to finish it. But the good news is it’s done, maybe I need to start the manga, too!

I also marathon Akatsuki no Yona! After finishing FMA Brotherhood, I was craving for something light, good thing Yona was available so I did the rational thing to do: watch! But it’s so bitin! So I ended up re-reading the manga & fallen in love again withe the current arc; Hak is my fave character so when the story focuses on him I was all eyes and heart!

But yes, I still read albeit very, very few from my regular stats. I was also doing catch up with Black Clover after author-san hyped about it on his recent interview. I’m starting re-reading Kimetsu no Yaiba too! Ack, I lost focus again, here’s my list:

  1. 간 떨어지는 동거 (A Falling Cohabitation) – the sole webtoon on my list which is funny because I was so into it these past two months. This is about college girl who accidentally drank the pill that will make the guy full human. Yes, ‘cos he’s not human—he’s nine-tailed fox.
  2. (Black Clover) – more like catching up. I think I stopped before the Royal Knights arc. I read Yuki Tabata-sensei’s interview and he was hyping up the story so it got me intrigued. Almost caught up with latest again (this series is the type that’s best to marathon).
  3. (Enen no Shouboutai) – I’m so excited for the anime so I kinda peeked the first two volumes. And as expected of Ohkubo’s art and story: super interesting. There’s something about his work that’s so him and refreshing. Fire vs Fire?! I’m in!
  4. (Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu) – Hiro Chihiro-sensei is my fluffy manga #kween! This is her new series and I’ve been meaning to read it and finally did. Digging the whole love triangle and the soft tsundere boy.
  5. (Mokuyoubi wa Kimi to Nakitai.) – I was drawn by the pretty girl in kimono but it turns out he’s a she; and he’s only cross-dressing for her mother who is emotionally unstable due to the death of his sister (who he’s pretending to be). There’s some intriguing love angle there, but I’m not totally hooked on it so, meh.
  6. (Sentaku no Toki) – Again, I was drawn by the pretty arc in the volume cover. They were trio of friends but his two friends fell in love with each other, even though he was assured nothing will change he still feel like it does. Enter alien—boy? Girl? This genderless alien will be his friend and can be what he wants to be. Interesting, right?

Life in April. Waiting for the good weather, this humidity is making sweat like buckets! Also strings of birthdays has started, me being full mode #Swiftie, and my nephew.

The summer heat! Ugh!
  • You know what I complained most about besides my ailing desktop? It’s the weather. April means dry season. The driest, most humid, unbearable hottest season ever. The heat was just too much, like the air from the fan is so hot it feels like I’m getting sunburned. It’s 24/7 sticky and sweaty and I just want this season to end. When I was still working in school and as student I looked forward to summer ‘cos no classes but now? nah, not so much. But summer being over means rainy season and I don’t like too much rain either.
  • But best part of the month definitely meeting my newest nephew! He’s such a cutie pie! He’s always hungry and cries like really loud! He’s bouncy so it means his healthy and I thank God for that! With the arrival of my nephew means we are pet-sitting their mini dachshund, Lexy. So now we have pet in our home and I am so gigil with our new temp fur family member! She is gonna stay with us for 3 months. She misses my brother but I think she’s adapting well in our home.
  • April is also my youngest sister’s birthday. Although that day was struck us with panic ‘cos there was a really strong earthquake. Thank goodness we’re safe, but that really scared us. I’m used to short not so strong quakes but this one was different. I’m sad for the people affected by it. We’re really need to up our preparedness like Japan. Anyway, despite that we still went out. It was still a nice dinner especially spending it with the fam!
  • EEEP~ Taylor Swift just released a new single ME! And it was fun, colorful, and just energetic. I’m loving the aesthetic too ‘cos you know I love pastel colors like the next pastel color lover! I’m looking forward to her entire album (have anyone guessed the title already?) Taylor Swift is maybe the only super mainstream I’m very fixated about. And with recent releases of big franchises like GOT and Avengers, at least I wasn’t OP-ed (out of place) completely.
  • I have been faithful to my spring anime list so far. I’m watching them weekly instead of waiting for the episodes to pile up. At least 2019 is huge improvement to my last year non-existent catalogue. I’m so in love with Kimetsu no Yaiba, so so good! Fruits Basket is still assaulting me with happy feels. On the other side, I’m too not giddy with Kono Oto Tomare and Bungou Stray Dogs (I’m not the biggest Dazai fan ) The Chuuya + him mini arc doesn’t give me anything to be excited about. Hopefully it’ll be over soon.

Looking forward to May. I pray for the election. I pray for the right people to win. Those who will serve the country for real!

Treats for Mother’s Day?
  • What I want is the weather to simmer down a bit. Great thing about driest season in PH it only lasts for two months. Not that I’m looking forward to all the rain & thunderstorm & typhoon but it’s so hard to walk outside with the surrounding feels like it’s on fire. No, maybe like hot plate. But still, I want to heat to drop down.
  • Not really hot on election but I need to do my responsibility as the citizen of this country. So I’ve been reading, I need to know who I’m voting for. I don’t mind under-voting as long as the people I’m electing will serve the country and not just the current sitting admin. We’re electing public officials to serve the people not themselves. Our loyalties are always to the country first and foremost. And I hope voters do remember that, we need stop aligning ourselves to their politics, it’s not our job, but instead be keen on issues. As Thomas Jefferson said, “No government should be without critics. If its intentions are good then it has nothing to fear from criticism.” And I definitely agree.
  • My oldest sister’s birthday!! Every month there’s someone from my family celebrating LOL. She lives overseas so I’m not sure how she’ll celebrate with her family. But last year was funny ‘cos her friends there contacted us to make a birthday greeting video and it was all sorts of awkward haha. So advance, ate!! (ate means big sister, like Japanese oneechan or noona & unnie in Korean).
  • I pray for a better May. Despite the heat and all the mishaps in between, I think April was pretty nice altogether. So I’m thankful. I pray for nicer May. Also celebrating Mother’s Day, too. So there are things I need to add on my calendar. God bless us all~
All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God. — 2 Corinthians 4:15 | NIV