While the blog wasn’t busy, it didn’t feel that I was left nothing to do, as Angela Lansbury or my blog title says, better to be busy! We’re still on quarantine, so I’ve decided to channel my energy on other things (which I’ll tell you later on) but still serve as welcome distraction—as my mental health needs it. I had some spark of creativity here and there; also planning for the blog (I assure you I’m not withdrawing from blogging, just preparing stuff, is all). And despite that year didn’t start (and maybe still is) on a good note, the year is still my 10th anniv, so I guess I am utilizing the time while the inspiration & drive are here.

The month was hot and humid but wasn’t as unbearable as last year was (that felt like in sauna 24/7). I’m grateful for this little blessing as we’re stuck in our house for the quarantine (for another two weeks or so…though extension might happen for the third time) and we have no AC. I’m not sure if we’re ready for the monsoon season to come as we have yet to plan out our post-quarantine life or our “new normal”. There were times I caught myself staring at the ceiling asking why these are happening? And what our leaders are doing? Or if they’re doing enough for everyone. *sighs*

Blogging in April: not much going on, but cooking something behind the scene plans!

So, ✨ I have one blog post for the month. ✨ I did want to stick to my schedule but like I said, I went ahead and did some other things. I am working remotely so I still work per usual, so in my free time if I’m not reading (which as the post pointed my main distraction and coping mechanism) I’m working on something else. I’ve realized there are few things that I want to do apart from my usual reading and blogging. For May, maybe I’ll do one or two posts again. Nothing set in stone, but don’t worry I’m not lacking zest to blog, it’s just that I’m directing my interest to designing & planning. It’s all for the blog in the end. One thing that I’ve learned, slow transition & planning is the key to consistent blog design! I’m not gonna go back to the theme dress & undress era. Sticking to my brand of design for the long haul!

Reading in April: More royal, nobles, empresses, queens, and concubines! Engulfed by historical-fantasy webtoons!

Now diving into web novels!

I’m still in this historical fantasy webtoon hole & it’s safe to say I’ll be in it for a long time. I read super amazing things this month, with one I was absolutely engrossed with, to the point I was convinced to read the web novel. In fact, I devoured the said novel in one sitting & still hungry for more! What I love about Korean entertainment they’re less strict & more open to international audience, so we can read it for free & legally as well. Win-win! I hope the manga industry is as assertive as them, more innovation like Manga+ is much welcome in our (East) Asian graphic novels community! Oops, got sidetracked there, but here they are!!

  1. 황비님? 황비님! | Empress? Empress! – Another transmigration series; here, she ended up as the Empress but she will make sure that she won’t wind up like her original character from the novel. She will allow the King to fall in love w/ the woman from another world freely, securing her scot-free life. But the King’s not interested on the woman from another world but her!! The plot-line changed!
  2. 레이디 투 퀸 | Lady to Queen – I love the whole I’ll save my sister & family’s demise (same vibe as Lady Baby) by volunteering herself as the queen instead of her sister. With knowledge from the past, she will make sure that evil plans of the King’s lover will not happen, that the dark future will remain in her past life! Very intense! I also started the novel & slowly reading because chapters aren’t as stack as Remarried Empress (which is over in KR).
  3. 재혼 황후| Remarried Empress – I’m so in love with series I can’t even formulate enough words to describe how I adore this it! I love the webtoon, I ventured to web novels because spoilers weren’t enough for me anymore. The Empress was just so cool, amazing, loveable & she deserved a married life with a man that loves her & respects her (vice versa). Gosh, in strange result I also did have—in the same degree—but opposite reaction towards the concubine. Her ditsy attitude was just so annoying! She was a slave but instead of acting kinder given by the new chance in life, she acted eviler than ever; she was a failure as an empress (far cry from the former empress) & mother. I felt tiny bit sorry for her but it was her decisions that led to her end. Anyway, love, love, love it!! Fave forever & ever!!
  4. 스윗스푸키달링 | Sweet Spooky Darling – super adorable! It’s from the same author of He’s Mine, this is about webtoon artist/author who moved in to a new apartment which is haunted by a very good looking & friendly ghost! If that isn’t enough, she is neighbor with a man that attracts spirits!! Chaotic love triangle ensues!
  5. 지젤 씨의 피 | The Blood of Madam Giselle – It was a total coincidence that I delved into another vampire lore. But I found it more interesting that this came from the same author of “Relationship Is…” my friends to lovers college romance that I loved! This isn’t just dark but very mature too (NSFW type of things *insert Lenny emoji here*). I’m not completely hooked but I think I will follow it, still!
  6. 뮈 엘라 의 수사관 | The Detective of Muirelle – it has a very slow start, I almost gave up but once the mysteries of the death of the mansion’s house workers, the momentum picked up! Not my fave obviously but a very decent read!
  7. 폭군황제의 첫사랑 | The Tyrant’s First Love – a ruthless emperor was looking for a woman & the reason was unknown for many. But when he found her, she was working as a maid for noble family’s household with no memories. But the FMC’s long-lost memories weren’t the only ones of the many secrets of this empire, turned out the emperor himself was harboring dark secret: he craves for blood, especially hers!! Not as interesting as my other webtoons but!! Entertaining enough!
  8. 궁에는 개꽃이 산다 |The Wicked Queen – ugh, the FMC was pain to read. She wasn’t as intelligent or as cool as the other queens & empresses on my list. She was, for the lack of better word, wicked! I am hoping that by the time I pick this up again, I will get to know why she’s acting all this royal pain in the ass; but for now, I’m not in the mood to tolerate such main character!
  9. 악녀의 정의 | What It Takes to Become a Villainess – like Empress? Empress! She got transmigrated as the villainess but instead of walking the same path as the original character, she acted appropriately. She helped on issues like slavery, human trafficking, and drought. Far from the spoiled rotten villainess of before, these changes piqued the crown prince’s interest! Really good read!

Life in April: Making time for other endeavors, going back to my love of web designs and more!

Donuts for Birthdays!
  • So how’s April? Same old, same old. Still on quarantine & still trying to keep things as normal as possible. Even though I hardly blog this month, I spent a good amount of time doing something else. For starters, I’ve already made the new design for faiery! It’s 30% done, I want it to be as perfect as possible so I’m taking my sweet, sweet time with it. I’ve been playing around new concept. No, not rename or big changes like that, just the overall design vibe of my blog. A lot of the integrations I have right now might turn over to the new design but with new features. It’s been a while since I’ve made blog design for myself…about 3 years, more or less? So this prospect excites me!
  • Speaking of design, I went & made major re-haul for my archive/semi-portfolio blog! Yes, it’s very minimalist as you should expect from me. But I want it as clean/minimal as possible, it is after all an archive so nothing fancy. It is also adorned w/ an icon I made myself!! I have long way to go when it comes digital art but I’m happy with my tiny progress! I just love when everything’s done by me!
  • Apart from reading, redesigning (I spent half of my free time dabbling on PSD), I also worked on my reading list! Since 2017 I’ve been listing them down on Google Sheet. But I only listed my Finished & Dropped Series, not what I picked up (since I was doing “What’s On My Reading List?” feature back then) so I might revisit my posts & archive it properly. Maybe go way back to 2016! But my 2018, 2019, and 2020 are up! I update my Currently Reading every week or so…& will add new series that I’ve decided to follow every month. Hint of what I’m reading is scattered on my twitter! Just in case you wanna know.
  • Did some anime marathon too. Finally picked up Kaguya-sama & it was so hilarious! I was planning to watch season 2 after it’s done airing but new ep is available on Netflix so I ended up caving in! I also re-watched Owari no Seraph (S1 & S2),  Mob Psycho 100 (S1), some random eps of Shokugeki no Souma (just Souma/Megumi moments) & Gintama. Starting April 30, Kimetsu no Yaiba will be available too, so I’m gonna marathon it! Can’t believe the manga’s ending soon. I hope Netflix will add Black Clover so I can start watching it as well! I’m years behind both manga and anime!
  • So, also birthdays! My nephew turned one this month but since we are in lockdown it became a small intimate dinner! My youngest sister also celebrated & I ordered them pizzas & donuts. Apart from there was no way to celebrate like our tradition (eating out), I’m also very careful with money, most especially now, things are just uncertain. But faith keeps me intact, so as not to see the future as bleak.

Looking forward to May: still praying the same thing, I pray for everyone’s health & wish for the rainbow after this rain soon!

More organizations & planning!
  • I have come to understand the situation more openly now & starting to cope with the likelihood of our new normal. Things aren’t gonna be the same until we find the cure. Still, this situation we’re in most likely will change our habits, I think some are for the better, particularly for our essentials workforce & health system. If anything, this health emergency exposed the need for change! A good political will is needed! I hope as society we move forward equipped w/ hard earned lesson from this, although it’s still ongoing we have to take action for our tomorrow, now. As my late father’s favorite phrase goes, “time is of the essence”. The right moment to take action is now!
  • If quarantine gets modified & relaxes a bit, I might do some things that I have been postponing since the lockdown started. I stopped doing my journal, though I have few entries but I always get swallowed by un-motivation & laziness. Uncertainty also creeping in from time to time. So that is also one thing I want to work on! Gonna check out my to-do list to see which ones I can do for now. For the meantime, I want to set short-term goals! Yes, I want to micro-manage & do short-term goals. This is what keeps me busy while coop up inside our home.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. —Philippians 4:6