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Next thing you’ll know it’s December again…did I scare you...

Next thing you’ll know it’s December again…did I scare you there for a minute! Nah~ April was pretty good month, actually! Although my blogging mojo wasn’t as par with the last few months, I just don’t have that much drive to do some blogging. So while I have May pretty much laid out, I haven’t finished writing the content~ Ugh!!! So I think it’s safe to say that May will be a little…chaotic, less productive? Or am I just jinxing up myself again which proved to be an odious talent of mine. Positive! Positive thinking only!!!

Blogging in April: Less productive, schedules didn’t meet & saved by my pre-written content!

If you managed to apprehend my schedule sneak peek for last month’s wrap-up, you should know that it was three posts less. I have a big excuse that! I was so freaking tired. My family went on vacation during holidays, and even though I had that post drafted I was…too tired to care. Plus, the hotel’s internet connection was unstable so I just forget about it.  But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Regulars: I started the month with my usual monthly manga rundown! My favorite on the list are: 대새녀의 메이크업 이야기, 말할 없는 남매 and 사랑스러운 복희씨. For complete March’s WoMRL post, please read the entry! And as for my monthly recommendation, I implore you guys to read 치즈인더트랩 (Cheese in the Trap) by 순끼. I didn’t do my first impression even it was scheduled this month but to give you hint my faves are obviously: 僕のヒーローアカデミア 2ndシーズン and 進撃の巨人 Season 2. Look out for my spring anime first impression next month—hopefully!

First up, I talked about art in graphic novels, are you an elitist or story weighs more on you? I explained my view on that. Next, my take on blogger’s label, long gone my label as book blogger. So now, I just don’t care anymore! Thirdly, since I traveled this April, I tell y’all how reading motivated me to travel for real! Books don’t mean traveling fictionally, it could be as real as it gets! And lastly I discussed about reading new and re-reading faves! No need for argument, both are awesome! And that’s it, it’s not too shabby, ain’t it?

April be like: Summer, travel,   laziness and chasing chances!!!

A short vacay in Singapore!
  • I’d mentioned it before but our impromptu travel did push through.  I didn’t say where though, right? Well, we went to Singapore and a day trip to Malaysia, especially Johor to check out Legoland! I considered this travel the most exhausting so far! I think I’ll manage Japan now with confidence! I mean, we walked the entire Marina Bay, shocks my legs were slayed, my feet has blisters…but it’s still great! I got to see my sister + her fam who live in Australia. I met my nephew who is super energetic!!! He got along well with my niece! Kids loves their amusement parks~ Me not so much but yeah, very grateful to my sissies for making this trip happened!
  • I’ll probs be deleting my IG account @rainievogue and moved into my very personal account @hellomilke—this was supposed to be my travel/activity log for my eyes only. My former is just…chaotic it’s a mixed of everything and I hated it! So…yeah!

New to my ears: Hard Times – Paramore, The Cure – Lady Gaga, Something like this – Chainsmoker & Coldplay, Palette (팔레트) – IU
Favorite reads: 이미테이션, マーメイド・ボーイズ, リビングの松永さん
Favorite re-reads: おとなりコンプレックス,春の呪い, 進撃の巨人, and 지독하게 끌어안고 지독하게 키스하고

  • After the vacation, I went super lazy mode! Like less reading, more procrastinating sort of vibe! #imsosorry #criesbecauseofself that’s why I didn’t follow my schedules to a T; but because I draft posts that deceivingly productive.
  • I wasn’t super unproductive I mean I finally listed down all the graphic novels I’m following with schedules and all! MAL database isn’t as intensive as BakaUpdates which I love to use, so I decided to create spreadsheet on google drive my entire list! And this happens…I’m so sorry I’m such a weeb!!!  And to track the series I finished and dropped this year, I also made a list!
  • Anime! OK, this wrap-up is littered of excuses, I’m down typing my impression but I didn’t get—or as of writing this post haven’t watched two series on queue—Sakurada Reset and Tsuki ga Kirei. I wonder if I’ll ever or just gonna ditch it because I’m up-to-date with the rest!!! What to do??
  • Procrastinated like a boss in April.  I don’t know if the heat got into my head or what! But I was (am) just too lazy to do productive things! And I hate it, well, I managed to start up my little personal goal but that’s it I halted it again…ugh I hate myself when will I ever! I keep slipping chances!!!

Monthly Forecast for May Better & motivated… hopefully!

may 2017 sched
Few more writing to do! (© molang)
  • I hope I didn’t really jinx myself earlier because I want to do my goals this upcoming month. (My mantra for every coming month, you know how beginnings keep your hopes up! ) I want to be busier and productive next month! But I’m still rocky as of now…so I’m not sure whether I’ll be blogging as effortless or efficiently like the last few months!
  • But even I said that I have good feeling for May! I mean my year started little…bleh but as the months go by it does improve, slowly but surely! So I gotta be positive, which is true a very trying action especially for naturally anxious person like myself! BUT I WANT TO BEAM WITH POSITIVISM!
Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.
— Isaiah 54:4 NIV

And that’s it! That’s my April so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How’s April?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!! 

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