I think I already confessed here that one of my many alter egos was slumbering for a long time. Until decided to watch an anime series people have been raving about: Shingeki no Kyojin  (Attack on Titan, 進撃の巨人) by Isayama Hajime (諫山 創). It was the most popular anime in 2013. And the manga toppled the reigning pirate king, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda from its seat in Oricon. Even though I’ve been hearing about how awesome it was, I still put watching it on-hold. Months had passed, I still ignored the calling. I’m not huge otaku anymore, I kinda accepted that. But I guess I spoke too soon because here she is, the otaku Mitchii alive and wreaking havoc to my blogging schedule. How many books did I ignore for the past two weeks? So many that I cringed every time I remember. *cringes because she remembers*

Ok, I’m digressing again. But I’m evaluating why I like this series and why it affect me so much. It wasn’t for the lack of trying when my otaku self was put to sleep. I try some other series and they weren’t captivating compare to the ones I massively followed that unfortunately had ended. But this one? Shingeki? It was pretty damn good. Kezia of Chapteriosity can attest to that. There so many elements that I loved about this anime series (and eventually led to me reading the manga). Let me name the few:


It was so good. The songs are so rich, entrancing and very hunting. Both opening songs are so good, I listened to it non-stop. But I wasn’t prepared for the songs included in the OST (that are also featured in the anime itself). It was sooooo good. A mix of orchestra with English, Japanese and German songs. Aside from the two Opening songs, my favorite is Call Your Name by MPI & CASG. Not only was this song was pretty darn, goose bumps inducing good, but it was featured on my favorite episode and two of my favorite scenes! I’m crying for humanity’s first win against the titans! *soooobs*


Here’s my attempt to give you a gist without spoiling too much of the plot. The humanity is about to extinct because they became the prey of these mindless giants called titans. To survive they built walls and live inside of it until it was breached and humanity is once again fighting for their survival. *insert goose bumps here again*

I told my sister that I have never been terrified of a fictional world until I watched Shingeki. It’s a bleak world there, one I would never want to live in. Period. The fictional, post-apocalyptic survival stories I’ve read didn’t hold a candle with this one. It’s a scary world for them but the will of some of the people to fight is not only courageous but very admirable.

Characters <3
“If you lose, you die. If you win, you live. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!”

Eren Yeager

While Eren Yeager (left pic below) at first felt like the typical protagonist—a survivor with tragic past and spoilerish ability, his personality was actually quite relatable. He wasn’t naturally talented like Mikasa or Levi and it was his anger that drove him most of the time. But his ultimate goal was not only for himself but for everyone. He desires freedom for everyone. It’s the reason why he wants to defeat the titans.


Ask any Shingeki fans out there, the name Levi (guy in the right) will ring bells immediately. Nope, he’s not the main characters. But damn, he’s so good, it’s compelling to love him! Besides he’s the humanity’s strongest soldier. Did I say he’s good? He’s pretty darn superb!


Pardon the French but that’s pretty much the word I need to strongly emphasize the awesomeness of the action scenes here. Oh well, there’s gore, lots of blood and missing limbs—that was violently detached from the body. So if you queasy like me, close your eyes (but after I watched it the second time, the queasiness sort of subsided). But more than I freaking mesmerized how they moved using their 3DMG (3D Maneuver Gear). It’s how they moved around and fight the titans. They’re pretty good at it!!!


I’m reading the manga and there’s lot in there that took me by surprise and looks like the anime  just hit the surface, still so many things to unearth! I heard that S2 will likely be aired in 2015. They don’t have enough material to make the anime. Patience peeps, it’s better to wait than them making fillers. Ne?

Need some convincing? Watch the TRAILER above! Or see how teens react when they got the glimpse of Eren’s awesome scary world that is sadly dominated by titans!

Already watched it? Tell me what you think! Haven’t tried or just don’t watch anime in genera; how about giving Shingeki no Kyojin a try! 😀

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