Author: Tara Hudson
Series: (Hereafter #2)
Published: June 5th 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins
Categories: Paranormal, Fantasy

I gave the former five stars, but this time I’m snatching the one star. And while I think (with all honesty) that Arise have improved a lot and think this one is better than the first, (IMHO!) I just can’t seem to give the sequel a full mark.

Amelia and her ghost status made her think of her relationship with Joshua. She’s a ghost and he’s human. He’s going to get old and she’s not. She’s stuck in that form for who knows how long. Plus, Eli returned with a message to Amelia. His masters, the demons wanted her so he suggested that she stay away, if she doesn’t want her or anyone she cares about get hurt. So with Joshua (and his family), they went to New Orleans and she met his relatives. They are a family of seers, some can even see her but others can only hear her.

One thing that bothered her the most was she’s having nightmares (yep, for a ghost that’s so peculiar) so they consulted a voodoo expert. But what they thought was a ritual to eliminate completely her nightmares has a different purpose. And that ritual made her think of her future with Joshua. Amelia is scared for his safety so she decided to end their relationship.

But that’s not the only thing that’s happened. The ritual changed her.

I’m sort of impressed when the girl knows the boundaries. To be perfectly honest, I also think of their relationship. It’s sort of impossible. She’s dead and he’s living, what future will they have? Even if Joshua is fine with their situation for now, I don’t think he will be contended in the long run. He can see her. Touch her, even. But I don’t think that’s enough, especially if majority of the people didn’t know she actually exists. But!!! Yes, there’s actually a temporary solution. In the ritual something’s happened to her that she can be corporeal whenever she wants to. The catch though she lost her touch. She can touch objects, eat, sleep but she cannot hold another human being. It’s quite handy, now people can actually see her. But like I said, it’s temporary. I don’t know how long she’ll remain like that.

The big downer for me though is that there’s no definite answer as to why the demons wants her. Or why she has powers. I’m sort of wish that it at least clue me in (ok, a big clue. I’m asking for huge hint. There.) Also, there are new characters that were introduced in Arise: like Gaby the voodoo girl, her brother Felix, and Alex, Joshua’s cousin and a few of his relatives. I thought Alex was the “other guy.” But I was glad that he wasn’t. But he has an important role in the sequel. If it was good or bad? That I’m not going to tell. Hello? spoilers! *winks*

I quite enjoyed it and I did feel that some were irrelevant events and were used to expand the plot. Now, I’m really looking forward how things will wrap up. And hopefully the last book will worth the wait!