Author: Catherine McKenzie
Published: May 15th 2012 by (first published January 8th 2011)
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I’m on chick-lit mode right now, three books in a row. Arranged is something I wouldn’t normally read. For starters, it’s not young-adult. But I need a break (from YA), and for the record it’s not that I don’t read adult chick-lit. In fact, I read romance books every time (tagalog ones, they’re chick-lit right? I loved those light-hearted, humorous ones. Not those heavy, overly dramatic/romantic ones.) And this book definitely falls in the humorous chick-lit category that I loved.

For something adult, I find this book super entertaining, light, fluffy, and uber fun. The two contemporary books I read were more on the heavy stuff. And they were teenagers! Ha! So it was refreshing to read adult contemporary without worrying too much. I wouldn’t say it’s a mindless read, but it was sure was breezy and put a lot of smile on my face.

Anne Blythe always falls for the wrong guy. She has a thing for good looking guys with blue eyes. But all those guys left her. So when her best friend, Sarah told her that she’s getting married, she felt a little jealous. It seemed that everyone she knows are tying the know (or already tied the knot). So she decided to call what she thought was a dating service (she picked the business card because the company’s name is the same name as hers). Turns out, it wasn’t a dating service, they offered arranged marriages. Even though it was expensive, she decided to try the service thinking that if she can find Mr. Right on her own, maybe they can find the right guy for her.

I was so excited to find out who the guy was and what he looked like. Jack, the guy referred and matched to her by the company was different from the guys she dated (or from the guy I imagined he’d be). But they instantly hit off. I loved the whole process, from Anne taking the test. Even her trips to Dr. Szwick to their actual meeting. At first, I was kinda disliked Anne’s actions, but granted she just met him so that was acceptable response. It looked to me, insincere. But after a while, when Anne started to ‘like’ being with him (being married to him) I started to warm up. I saw few disagreement at first, I was worried that it’ll fall apart. Because I really like Anne and Jack. Jack was such a nice guy. I liked how he faced all those critiques, words Anne’s family/friends thrown at him. He faced them impressively. Just when I thought everything was starting to fell into place (she’s really falling in love with her husband) then BAM! Jack betrayed her. In what way? Um, sorry but you cannot squish some spoilers out of me. But no third party involved, that’s your clue.

I loved the ending, predictable but lovely. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Although the guy (her ex, which I forgot the name) mentioned that her boss? William has feelings for her, made me rethink. I do like Jack and Anne, and their happy ever after. But I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Oh, well that will forever remain just an idea. 😉