Author: Kristen Simmons
Series: (Article 5 #1)
Published: January 31st 2012 by Tor Teen

Took me a while to finish this book. I have high hopes with this one; I even put it on my most-anticipated shelf. But my expectation just came crashing down. I was so disappointed. Everything, I think, did not work for me.

There’s something really off with this book that hindered me from enjoying it. It’s not really that awful. But the reason why I wanted to read it in the first place was because I was really interested with story. When I read the summary I have this impression that I’m in for an edgy futuristic story. And I want that. I crave for that. So I was super excited when I finally got the chance to read it. But after a few pages in, I was still bored. Like, where is it? The hype, excitement whatever it was just dissolved. I feel so completely lost. Frankly, I don’t even know what Article 5 is.

Like my problem with Divergent, the violence in this book was mismanaged. It was senseless; it was violent for the sake of violence. I am not against violence if it was vital to story. But it’s like they’re shooting these people to death just to show off. Not because it was significant to the plot. I think there’s a better way to show the aggressive nature of their society. And speaking of, I don’t know what’s up with their society. A little backdrop would be nice and totally appreciated.

But my biggest problem was Ember—the protagonist. You see, when her mother was taken she started to change. The events unfold rather rapidly and I didn’t have the chance to know her character. What was she like before? I’m not sure. If she is being groomed to become a strong willed heroine based on the circumstances thrown at her. I don’t think it is working. Not on me. Her character development is not solid enough—the transition of her character wasn’t fluid. It was a messy construction. I kinda blame the pacing of the story to this dilemma, because it was fast and loose that some details might have been overlooked.

So there’s romance. Hooray? Not really. So I’ll make this short and sweet. Chase and Ember? Not buying it.

Like I said it wasn’t bad, there are just things in this book that didn’t do it for me. In all fairness if you don’t mind the negative things I’ve just said (and in hindsight it was tolerable, maybe today my nitpickiness radar is on) you might like it. So go ahead try it and see it for yourself. As for yours truly, I’m not too sure whether I’ll read the sequel or not. Let’s wait and see. 😉