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I just wanna crochet and ignore all my adult problems.

How come days feel like dragging, yet we are about to enter the “-ber” months and for us Filipinos it means Christmas season is once again upon us! Completely wondering how Christmas will be? Are we still gonna be in quarantine? Why do I feel like it’s gonna be totally the case? *sigh* Oh well, August was a bit stressful to me. It wasn’t as busy as last month but yeah, I was still really freaking out! As always gonna lay down the deets later!

First two weeks of the month we were once again in a semi-strict lockdown (the craziness of our lockdown categories can be mind boggling!!!) Honestly, from what I observed, people are now just trying to survive this pandemic in the best way possible! Companies, and most specially simple folks like us have no choice but to adapt…and this make super sad because I see other countries curbed their numbers & slowly gaining momentum and it just makes me super legit jealous…*releases the biggest sigh of all*

Blogging in August: the coping saga continues and probs taking a break in September to work on my blog’s b-day bash!

I think I’m gonna take a blogging break this September. My blog will probably be down for few days…or maybe weeks? I’ll still gonna post my monthly wrap-up but it’ll be private because I plan to unveil my new design with blog anniversary post! I still can’t believe I have been blogging for a decade! That’s two-digits age! It means I’m old! Haha~ Blogging wise, this year, I totally suck. I couldn’t come up with decent posts other than your mandatory coping entries because well, pandemic really be trying us out! So  that was my topic for August—coping through music!

Reading in August: when I say I read a lot, I meant it! So many things to cope in this dire situation! Fictional stories are my go-to comfort! Romance genre still leading *winks*

All I Want is…Who?
All I Want is…Who? and many more!!

I cope through reading but you already know that! Again, I’ve been reading a hella lots! I also logged in to my goodreads account for the first time in forever and updated my GR challenge (I already reached my goal for 2020!!) I’m currently “trying” to read three novels: Midnight Sun because I wanna know the rest of Twilight in Edward’s POV—certainly he wasn’t as enigmatic as Bella thought in her POV version… I’m also again “trying” to read Unravel the Dusk (The Blood of Stars, #2) by Elizabeth Lim and The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne! <3

And here are the rest of my August reads! Aren’t they too many than usual??? *hides* Also, trying to keep my TL;DR notes to one-two sentences. If you want my opinion you better add me on twitter! I even shared caps haha~ *shameless plugging*

  1. 내가 원하는 건 | All I Want is…Who?webtoon from the author of Secret Friend, a uni/college romance that started with huge blunder that wrecked the boy’s semester sched into oblivion! But first impression didn’t last ‘cos he totally fell for her despite!
  2. 크리스마스에 기적이 생길 확률 | Christmas Miracleswebtoon  a girl who gave everything she had for the boy who changed his mind (Taylor Swift lyrics again, I know) She’s now writer’s assistant and her research allowed her to mingle w/ other people, like this cute idol who has secretly crush on her. And they already met in the past!
  3. 독재 | Dictatorshipwebtoon an ex-military girl became this haughty Prince’s bodyguard! Numerous attempts to his life made him cold and unbearable, not all prince-like!
  4. 뜨거운 웬수 | Fiery Enemieswebtoon second chance in love courtesy of his grandma inheritance that forced them to rekindle their relationship! What started as forced cohabitation because of the inheritance now they gave each other a second chance in love!
  5. | Kiss de Okoshite manga – new series from Haruta Nana in the same vein of all faux sibling romance via parents’ remarriage! So far it’s OK…I hate how in shoujo manga they fall for the guy so easily! I want a slower progressing romance, please!
  6. 디어 마이 프렌드 | My Dear Friendweb novel I love this web novel, I’m soooo close to signing up on ridibooks so I can’t get the hold of the novel despite my obvious lack of hangeul comprehension! *sweats* but gaaah it’s so compulsive that I got so attached to the characters so fast even though it’s pretty simple and basically love at first sight!
  7. 구남친이 내게 반했다 | My Ex-Boyfriends Fell in Love with Mewebtoon another web novel turned into webtoons and I love it! Now in adulthood the FMC met in a business negotiation her two ex-flings—her bf in high school and her bf in college! Da-dun!!! Love triangle ensues!!
  8. 키다리 회장님 | President Long-Legswebtoon if you know the premise of daddy long legs then you know what this story’s about! But the FMC didn’t know that this unbearable CEO is her benefactor who also happen to be in love with her!
  9. 늑대가 우는 약국 | The Pharmacy where the Wolf’s Howlswebtoon this pharmacist has secret: she used to be a big fan of now defunct idol group! She blamed one member of this group why it broke up! But because fate works in mysterious ways, she met this member and eventually helped him on reviving his showbiz career!
  10. 내 연애의 문제점 | The Problem of My Love Affairwebtoon the girl got caught up with this company chairman’s issues leaving her in tight leach with him! But our spunky heroine ain’t pushover, she’ll be by his side, but he needs to secure her jobfor the sake of her twin nephews and kind grandmother!
  11. 악녀는 두 번 산다 | The Villainess Lives Twicewebtoon another revival kind of historical fantasy fiction the same groups as the other webtoons I read in the recent months! While intriguing I wonder why I don’t have any kind of attachment towards the main couple!
  12. 상수리나무 아래 | Under the Oak Treeweb novel a web novel and very naughty one…I mean it’s smut but that’s not all there is! A young woman deemed useless by her family got sent off to marry knight with commoner background! After some time he returned successful from his war conquest and off to woo his wife!
  13. 막내 황녀님 | Youngest Princesswebtoon hands down my favorite read for this month (y’all I raved about it on twitter). She was an archmage that was reborn as the third princess loved by literally everyone in the kingdom! It was so cute, and I loved how she won everybody’s heart with her wit, intelligence (well, she is a mage before with memories intact) and complete adorableness!

Life in August: stress out hence the zits! Making my already depleted self-confidence back to zero! And still some adulting stuff!

I messed up the
I messed up the “AUG” LOLOL
  • I had the biggest breakout since 2017! My skincare before had managed to tone down the pimples. I did get occasionally zits especially around this-time-of-the-month but the first week of the month had made my self-confidence shattered to the ground! Pimple be springing up on me every single day! I’m about to lose it, so I ended resetting my skincare to minimum (wash-tone-moisturize) and while I still have pimples it isn’t as horrible as the first week was! Now I have this PIH to deal with. Maybe it’s maskne…not that I go out but it’s always around my chin!!! Oh gosh! Spearmint tea did help…maybe a little?
  • Catching up some adult responsibilities! I have to learn about this stuff on my own ‘coz I have no one to ask (just the internet) and so far I’m getting the hang of it? I have so many things to learn about it (sorry the details are hush-hush not very comfortable to share the intimate deets). Hoping to polish everything but with little information and you know we can go out because virus everywhere I need to manage it within the space I’m allowed to move in & out! Gah, adulting sucks I wanna be mermaid—wait, that’s my title last month haha~
  • Didn’t get to do things according to my plans (just some personal stuff I’ve planning for forever)! I think I procrastinated heavily this month! Apart from weekend migraines, I’m just so out of touch with my work plan! So I ended up slowly working on things little by little! And the little-by-little had created an illusion that I was productive only turned that I only made some tinny progress from work! Oh well, I have high hopes in September, procrastination leave me be!

Looking Forward in September: the “ber” months has arrived! Wondering the changes will happen as we move into holidays while still in quarantine!

  • Last month of the third quarter and to this country the official starts of the holiday season…but the pandemic really be putting us off from totally celebrating because lots happened! But Christmas holidays are for remembering Christ, so we should also still remember that! The usual commercial festivities might be preempted, but we still gonna remember what matters the most!
  • I plan to finish the design with is due by the end of this month! Guys, it’s gonna be race I haven’t moved forward from my initial planning (hello, procrastination my old friend!) so I hope *fingers crossed* to finish it by the end of the month! Ah, why do I like doing things in rush and putting myself in a tightrope! Oh well, gonna burst my coding prowess, so I can unveil my blog design before the birth month!! Huzzah!
You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you. —2 Chronicles 20:17
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