News / In which Mitchii rambles the quick low down of what has rolled down this August! Blog, life & whatnots!

How should I describe August? Pretty meh! 4 It was one pile of mehs after mehs after mehs! (Here I go again not making any sense again and being vague!) 6 But ugh, there’s nothing potato worth highlighting this month RL-wise! All I ever hope and pray that September will be a vast improvement to this outgoing month. As they say it’s no use crying over spilled milk. So I’m not gonna—anymore! I’ll just stay positive and look forward to September for brighter better days! Last quarter of the year, make it up for us please!!!

Blog Headliners!

Even though I said that planning is helping me out, I still couldn’t completely stick to it! I once again rescheduled some posts for later because I have two different posts I forgot to include when I was organizing the content last July. 11 One was a regular (like self, how could you?!) and one is an impromptu! Haha, I just couldn’t let myself not share my two cents over the topic!


So first up is my first impression on summer anime. After a week when I posted that (I think? Not sure!) I marathon Cheer Danshi, and oh my gosh, I was caught by passionate male cheerleaders! 7 I tried Servamp too (as Kezia had rec’d it to me) but I didn’t enjoy it; quite a bummer actually.  Then my massive manga (already read/am currently reading) read list! Is there anything piqued your interest from my list? Next, ② I talked about shipping hard (yet again!) + winning wars via canonization of my OTPs. I find that timing of that post uncanny because when the last chapter of Bleach dropped, I was super ecstatic that my OTP ended up together!  (so this the feeling of naruhinas in Naruto, oh wait I was also one!) LOL Seriously, ③ I thought Bleach and I severed our ties but looked at me still curious as ever!  (I may have just made a playlist on spotify of all thing Bleach LOL) And baby Kazui is so cute! So yeah!!! 2

And lastly, ④ I went serious mode and tried (emphasis on the word) to elaborate my thoughts on the connection of personal lives to our reading choices! I think it’s a case to case basis, right?

Other fandoms, passion, RL & whatnots:

  • The amount of manga I read this month is quite the same! But I read like more this month! Yeah, I devoured lots of webtoons! And fell in love with some of them pretty hard, most especially Cheese in the Trap! I marathoned the heck out of it! It didn’t end when I caught up with latest official English releases; I dived into the naver to read the raws)! Aaaah! So much love for this! When I was trying this earlier this year, I kinda somewhat forgotten about it (I never got around to read parts about In Ho—which was the biggest mistake I made! Gaaah, can I have more Baek In Ho-ssi please??!! 5 More of this delish oppa!!! #ihasnoshameiknow #stahpmitchii
  • In connection, I have installed liked 3 webtoon apps on my phone (naver KR & ENG, and Lezhin—I also made an account on spottoon!!!) And because I want to share the love I have new post written & prepared about it (and I did already tackle the whats of webtoons in case you missed it!) but aaaaaah I’m pretty excited with that post! Wait & see!
  • I also changed the category: bookish > reading! You know how scarce the bookish talks here! I always talked about reading in general regardless of the medium! Manga, webtoon, maybe books (idk when) you got it!
  • July was busy, August wasn’t but I felt more lethargic than when I was busy to be frank. 15But all thanks to reading and more reading I managed to keep myself all intact LOL.

Looking forward to—

  • BER months again! Time flies so fast. Like super quick! I know it’s a running gag already on tumblr about 2016 being such a downer (and to top it all it has an extra second to boot!) and time flying like in a flash just generally makes me anxious! I’ll be hearing Christmas songs again. And yes, in the Philippines, Christmas season starts as early as September! 13
  • Big bro’s birthday! Yep, in our family it looks like every month someone’s celebrating! True story though!
  • Little personal matter that I’ve been trying to do (hush, hush for now) but hopefully it’ll work out! *prays*
  • Bible Verse of the Month: But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. – James 1:6

And that’s it! That’s what had rolled down this August so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was August?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!