News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this August!

Sure time flies so fast! I’m writing my August wrap-up and that means the “ber” months are already here. But before I go and get nervous about how the end of the year is fast approaching, let me share what has happened this month which is a big thingy in my family…wait, I’m not allowed yet to share…so maybe next time. But the month was pretty calm and relaxing month overall. Calm in a way that I gotten lazy and that routine that I promise myself to get into, yeah not happening anytime soon. But that’s OK I’ve decided to just do things one at a time.

It’s the month of rereading and adaptation (anime and live action)! I’ve started watching Meteor Garden 2018 and while it didn’t disappoint, it’s very mellow and different (I’m not sure if it’s in good or bad way yet) from the original Meteor Garden. The new cast don’t have that charisma the original had but they’re cute in their own ways. Also have you heard??? One of anime wishlist was granted again! will have an anime and I’m freaking excited.  Although my excitement was shed a little because I’m not sure of the animation studio that will work on it but positive vibes only! POSITIVE VIBES! And there’s that much talked To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before—but let me sort my Netflix subscription first!!

Blogging in August: the only thing I did right when it comes to my new routine is blogging! Maximizing those free time!

If there’s one thing I think I successfully cemented with this new routine is that my new blogging groove that I implement now works better than the previous ways I’ve done before. Posting two posts per week is my main goal right now & sometimes I write stuff in between (or when the mood strikes but seriously I am so happy that I write every possible post ideas on my notebook so I can sched them, and I still have enough on my stash) *coughs* did I say I tend to sidetrack a lot? And before I totally forget the reason why I’m writing these all sched stuff, here are my August posts for your recap pleasure!

August Reading List: New webtoons to gush over! And cute slice of life series in between. And yes, those historical genre still abundant!

Listing down all the series to read!

More like re-reading was the game for the month. I did read some interesting stuff and I’m getting back to my webtoon love via new series from naver and toopytoons…and you know what it means, right? No? OK, time to up that language study…(although I feel like I will never get to even to the decent level (that’s just how lazy I am!!) My TBR is also piling up again!  And I’m not complaining one bit! The more series the better for me! All the manga and webtoons, give it to me to read!!

1. (30 Kin) – (completed) another older female and younger guy trope but this one is pretty OK-ish. I don’t know why I try this kind of narrative when I eventually will ship the woman with the older or the same as her guy. Like always.

2. (37.5°C no Namida)(ongoing) when this lady craves some wholesome slice of life, she stumbled across this and she didn’t regret it!! I get some family drama, adorable kids, a likeable heroine and widowed man with his adorable daughter!! Super loveable! Seriously I really like it!!

3. 바른연애 길잡이 (A Guide to Proper Dating)(ongoing) it’s new naver webtoon series and it’s just so cute! About a girl who values her time so much that her every move is according to schedule. One day her friend’s co-worker invited her to join a club and that’s where things get super interesting *coughs*that game dude*coughs*

4. 악마와 계약연애 (A Love Contract with the Devil) – (ongoing) super loving this, and just like 바른연애 길잡이 it’s also a newish series from naver & it’s about a poor college girl and during her downest moment a demon appear to help her but it in weird turned of events she rejected him cos she doesn’t have anything she desires despite her poverty. Now the demon is off the help her until she she signed the dotted line!

5. 푸른유리 (Blue Glass)(ongoing) maybe my historical romance cravings aren’t satiated yet cos here I am following another manhwa series. Set from a fictional world a princess was exposed to harsh reality through her sister sufferings. An old woman told her that something…or someone will change her destiny!! And did I see two someone?? Sure did! The art is A++!!

6. (Bokunchi no Kaseifu-san)(completed) this was short manga series about  a girl housemaid who worked for a celebrity then the two fell in love. It was entertaining in some ways but I knew that story is just about them falling hence the length. But like I said it was entertaining!

8. (Kagehime no Konrei)(completed) so my craving hasn’t stopped with 푸른유리 but yeah this one didn’t really satiate the thirst…no wonder it was too short. Anyway, I like royal love story in a painfully slow development and this one isn’t anything like it, not even close.

9. (Koyoi, Sakura wa Mitsu no Iro) – (completed) I will never get a decent red light district love story, do I? Not , not even (even though it’s from the same author of the series I really, really loved!!) and this one’s included…I barely even remember the story but I know it’s smutty and both guys were just…boring (though both were good looking but meh, personality is na-da!!)

10. (Seirei no Moribito)(ongoing) about a young woman who is skilled fighter who saved a drowning young prince and was asked by his mother to save him from the people of the palace. The kid is actually part of the prophecy and she must protect him. No, people, there’s no love story but I like the story just fine. No fluff but it’s still a big yes in the interesting department.

Life in August: Chill, everything’s chill and I love it! Very thankful for this mellow month but undeniably blessed!

sipping hot choco all month long
  • August was pretty chill, and I like the chill vibe! So maybe it may sound boring because I don’t think there was big thing that happened that worth highlighting but that’s fine. I like the chill vibes. And unlike last month there was all rain…weeeelll there was rain still (extreme heavy rains though ) and some chill sunshine windy weather—which I totally love!
  • Well, I’m not sure if it’s totally OK to announce but I just gonna go the vague route and tell it anyways but there’s something huge for one my siblings so yeah…I’m happy for that person. It supposed to be hush-hush for now but I think once it’s OK, I might share it ‘cos I’m excited, too!
  • I feel like I didn’t do a lot of things that I’m supposed to do this month. I’m just busy overall and that’s where all my time and energy go! And I kinda like it though. I do love what I’m doing right now despite how still messy my routine is! But with the year almost ending (and some my goals are still left untick) I think I’ll probably make some last minute move (like always— better late than never!!)

Looking forward to September: the “ber” months are coming; trying mix up some things and hustling on those yearly goals!

Start to unpack those Christmas lights?!!
  • Ah~ September again, which means we have enter the Christmas season—yes, there’s Halloween, thanksgiving for some y’all but for us, Filipinos, the season starts as early as September! I’m pretty excited for the yuletide season.  Who doesn’t love cheerful atmosphere this season brings? Well there’s the Grinch but you get my point!
  • I’m mixing up something on my blog. Ah no, nothing big but for the past few months all I did is blog articles/editorial sort of stuff. So I’ve decided to mix in some featurette as well. I realized that’s where all my blog views go! There are more popular than my editorial…and I feel like am I too preachy?? Well I’m the verbose person, that’s my brand, and that’s my writing style.  But it’s nice to think outside the box and work something different once in a while (yeah, key word here is “once in a while”)
  • I just want of the same that has happened this month. It’s pretty chillax and I love it! June – July were pretty up there for the drama level but it starting to slow down and it’s getting normal again which I’m so thankful. It was pretty great month—no, very blessed month and I’m grateful and praying for it again. Thanks God!
Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. — Philippians 4:6 | NLT