I think Psycho-Pass 2 has just wrapped by the time I’m typing this post. But I’ll get on it later. The autumn anime started promising but it wasn’t as mind blowing as the summer line-up. Needless to say, I think couple of ‘em still became favorites of mine. Ah, yeah, this final impression (or mid impression for series that will run for another cours). I shall get into it right about now.

Akatsuki no Yona

I’m glad that Pierrot is doing great with this anime. It does still give me this FY vibe (only to learn that it was also done by Pierrot). I absolutely loved it. I didn’t miss a single episode. And Hak, damn isn’t he hot? Or isn’t he hot. (Still waiting for Jaeha, my gosh Suwabe-san voicing him! *swoons*

Donten Ni Warau

With only 6 (or 7) volumes to cover, I think they managed to cover what it needs to cover. Sure some they altered the sequence of events and cut on what I think was not really that important. Or that Tenny frontal nudity was held in different place (hey! That was funny!). Overall I really liked the anime. The animation was splendid and music was excellent (I kinda like the new visual for the second OP theme). Can’t wait the time when they finally defeated the Orochi.

Rating: (4/5)


Started strong, lost me in the fifth episode. I kept on postposing it until I sorta forgot and episodes just started accumulated and it feels a little troublesome on my part to follow now. Maybe I ‘ll return, but for now, no big urge to catch up on the missed episodes.

Rating: (1.5/5)

Nanatsu no Taizai

Oh gosh, I loved this series. A-1 pictures, I salute you guys. The animation was fluid, the action scenes were awesome. I think manga fans are very delighted with the adaptation because I am. I’m so excited to watch new episodes every week and on 3 times I watched it raw because subs are not available and the urgency to watch it was thivk! Man, gotta love Melodiafuuuu~ and Baaaaaan! <3

Rating: (5/5)

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

I was complaining about Kyouya’s voice, right? But after a while I got used to it (and also he kind of changed the way he voiced him, making it bearable to me). I have nothing much to say. I liked it, watch it faithfully but for shoujo adaptation, it’s not as addicting, as let say Ouran or Furuba (but those are leagues of their own!). It was very ok-ish series.

Rating: (3/5)

Psycho-Pass 2

Very underwhelming sequel of a very successful series. What we have here is a very forgettable villain. A plot twist that wasn’t shocking and plot that’s too plain. Some things came to me as convenient, contrived and overall unappealing. New characters are very forgettable and the old cast acted like a wallflower. There wasn’t anything in there. I think what had needed to accomplished was already established in the firsts series. Very disappointed.

Rating: (2/5)

Terra Formars

Nope, not the TG level and not the series to fill in the void for me but when things done right, it di delivered. Sure the story weren’t as deep, and honestly, some episode are better than the others. You really don’t much about the plot because it is too character driven. And if the series has bunch of characters to highlight, you’ll get yourself quite overwhelmed. The only cheater that left a mark was Adolf and that was because his story was quite painful and sad. The rest has sad background as well but still came out mediocre and hardly relevant to the story.

Rating: (3/5)

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

The gem of this season! The series that I’m so excited to watch (same as Nanatsu). Oh Hanae-san, I’m now your fan! Why are you so good on voicing complicated and emotionally unstable character when you’re this happy-go-lucky guy, haha. No, seriously, if you haven’t tried it, PLEASE DO! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I love how it explores many layers of the characters by using different aspect such as the romance (which heavily implied but not actively prioritize), the music (my gosh, classical music, minna!) and friendship. It has so many things going on and it weaves on it quite creatively and emotionally. And this series drove me to tears! Like I was legit crying! This is an emotional series you shouldn’t miss out!

Rating: (5/5)

World Trigger

Same as Kiseijuu, but I was already hesitant but I drifted further and further away until I completely forgot following it. Shame, maybe I graduated with this type of shounen series.

Rating: (1/5)

Yowamushi Pedal

Is it me or the show is quite slow? I’m behind couple of episodes, unless I’ll hear something great happening I’ll resume. But I’m putting it on-hold for now.

Rating: (2/5)