It was a very awesome line-up the fall has offered us: strong punches, some vampire angst and cute little Yato-gami fanaticism. Sadly, the romance department fell hard, not that I’m expecting anything from them other than mindless entertainment (and entertain did they not). This is listed according to my favorites.

Last notes for Autumn 2015


Haikyuu!! 2 — so, so awesome! The Spring tournament has just started and I couldn’t wait for the Aoba Josai revenge match, Enoshita’s & Yamaguchi’s spotlight, and some other awesome things that only the awesome Haikyuu cast can offer! I’m looking forward to the next episodes!

One Punch Man —I think majority of anime fans will say that One Punch Man is the best of the season. And I couldn’t argue with that conclusion. Let’s give Madhouse a round of applause for adapting it oh so faithfully and pristinely delivered a great justice to great manga story. OPM is not completely original to me but I loved every bit and pieces of this show: from Saitama who just worked too hard to achieve such power; to Genos who has unwavering admiration to his new sensei. Then Mumen Rider—that super heroes are not all about being just brave & helping people, but they also need the power to save them—but his attitude nevertheless inspired many! And so much more! So many layers that the 12 episodes quite obviously weren’t enough. But I’m positive the second season is possible.

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen — Anime original? Pffft! This was quite (surprisingly) very faithful to the manga. So much that the events exceeded the manga material. I expected filler type but what it gave me was manga adaptation. Although I’m not complaining or anything but this thing only happen, like rarely. I mean really, REALLY rarely. I very much enjoyed it so there is that. But I can’t help being shocked to how everything rolled in and how it wrapped up! WOW!


Noragami Aragoto — I was bit worried on how Bones will end this season/series. But you redeemed yourselves with this one. They managed to put all the essential parts without looking sloppy or adding fillers. I was always at the edge of my seat (literally: my bed) whenever the good parts or the climax of the episodes hit, then suddenly the ending song rolled in! I often ended up frustrated because of it (even though I have read the manga already). Yep, that good!

Diabolic Lovers More, Blood — Ok, it was teeny (like so teeny) bit better than Dance of Devils. The only edge it had though was it was only 12 minute show so I managed to pull myself together and finished it. Like I said this series has no—as in zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing plot! (and you can’t convince me otherwise!). I hated how a great pushover the girl was. Come on, even Bella was better than you! (and that says A WHOLE LOT!) I’m not signing up for a third season (if there’s any). I’m not that tolerable to such things. *grumbles*

Dance of Devils — I gave up after the third episode. Was so bored; I guess this trope ain’t working for me anymore.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou — not my cup of tea, I stopped watching early on. Where’s my second season??!!

Sneak Peek of my 2016 Winter Line-Up!

Ajin — I read the manga and quite impressed by it. It did give me some TG feels/vibe to it so hells yeah I’m in!

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season — Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! Should I still tell you WHY I will watch it? Nope? Ok!

Dagashi Kashi — I knew this series way before I’ve heard it’ll have an anime. Been wanting to read the manga for so long but I guess trying the anime will give me some idea whether the interest is warranted or not. (hopefully it does)

Nijiiro Days — So much love for this series!!! There are four boys in here, sadly my favorite is the secondary lead guy (technically he is a protag too—all 4 of ‘em me thinks). I ship him with this girl who hated him. Sadly it is 13 minutes show so I’m kinda frustrated how that will work (and it doesn’t work, look how sloppy Diabolik Lovers was!!!). Still looking forward to it!

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu — I love me some historical josei series so yes, I’ll be checking this one out!

Excited for 2016 anime!!! YAAAASSSS~!!! OT: Look forward to more wrap-up post coming this week! Just little more days before 2016!!!

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