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Author: Jamie McGuire Series: (Beautiful #1) Published: July 12th 2012...

Author: Jamie McGuire
Series: (Beautiful #1)
Published: July 12th 2012 (first published May 26th 2011)
Publisher: Atria Books
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I received a copy  from Atria Books via Netgalley. Thank you.

Reading this book for the second time for me is like solving a picture puzzle. The first time was I was hurriedly putting the pieces together. I just wanted to see the picture and wanted to solve it immediately.  So when I’m done the sense of accomplishment overwhelms me and I forgot to appreciate the most important thing—the entire picture. Solving it for the second time is different. I know where to put the puzzle pieces and I’m not in a hurry anymore since I know what the picture would look like. But solving it again makes me saw the picture on its entirety (including small details that I might have overlooked before).

So I saw the negatives and positives but my opinion still didn’t change. I still think Travis and Abby’s relationship is still more of a disaster than beautiful. But then beautiful is subjective. What they have probably is beautiful as they can get. I find Travis unbearable and suffocating at times—that didn’t change. But he wasn’t as annoying when I first read the book. For a guy who plays around, covered with tats and has a very violent sideline, he has major self-esteem issues. The reason why he keeps Abby at arm’s length is because he knows himself; he knows his weaknesses and thought of these things as a reason why Abby will let him go. Then he has some mother issues than I admittedly overlooked before. The guy has wounds and issues that made him who he is.

But most of the time I didn’t like how he handles the situation. It’s just that his feelings for Abby was quite strong but now I sort of (just sort of) understand his behavior. He was popular, has girls at the palm of his hands but he’s still indifferent to most people. I think his cousin can attest to that. His feelings for Abby were the first and because of that he doesn’t know how to keep it together. He did what he thought was good for them. But sometimes what he thinks was good was really not.

But it still in my watch doesn’t validate the action. He has problems. Everyone does. But how he handle it was quite a turn-off for me.

“It’s dangerous to need someone that much. You’re trying to save him and he’s hoping you can. You two are a disaster.”

I smiled at the ceiling. “It doesn’t matter what or why it is. When it’s good, Kara…it’s beautiful.”

Personally I do not like this kind of relationship. It’s too much. It was extreme. In some weird way I was really stunned that Travis and Abby managed to be together (even though they split up a couple of times) after everything that had happened. One thing that was good (on the heaps of negative I found in their relationship) is that they didn’t let go. Like Travis said to Abby the night they decided to get married: “It’s official. Bimbos, fights, leaving, Parker, Vegas…even fires…our relationship can withstand anything.”

For me as long as it works then it’s good.

PS: Yes, I read this when it was still a self-pub e-book and I thought there’s major revision now it’s under a huge publisher’s wing. But still the same. 😛

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