Author:   Gabrielle Zevin
Series: (Birthright #2)
Published: September 18th 2012
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Categories: Dystopia, Science Fiction

I went back to a time where chocolates are illegal and there’s a yummy mafioso I can’t wait to read more about. Because It Is My Blood is the sequel to All These Things I’ve Done and I must say one of my highly anticipated books of the year. Though I didn’t give it a full mark that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it nor it didn’t live up to my expectations (because it did!). Me little self is just a bit frustrated that I didn’t know what happened (or how he was characterized here) to my favorite character. *coughs* Yuji*coughs*

Anya is finally released from Liberty Children’s Facility. But with her criminal record attached to her name it is impossible to return to her normal life. But Anya’s life was never normal in the first place. She’s the heir to a criminal organization—the Balanchine chocolates. Coffee and chocolates are prohibited in her time but having this shady business wasn’t the only one that got her all worked up. There’s a conflict within her family and this got her loved ones and herself in danger. She went to Mexico and learned things about cacao and she found a friend in Theo, who helped her sort and realized things…about her destiny…about herself.

“I’ll never be out. I am my father’s daughter. And if I don’t do this, I will always regret it.”

“I told him that to deny this was to deny who I was at my core, that I could not change my name or my blood.”

This is not action-packed and I expected it that way. I liked Anya’s inner conflict on whether she’ll claim what’s her right and finally accept that her love for chocolates really runs in her blood. The business her father had worked hard for and now it is her time to do the same thing. Anya has matured here and I found her less whiny and more admirable in some ways. It’s really hard to accept something that you have very different point of view. But she sorted it out and took what’s really her right…her birthright. And that’s a making of a good mobster, er, leader. *winks*

Please allow me to concentrate on Yuji. If they are fighting and forming teams with Theo’s and Win’s banner. I got my flag raised with Yuji’s name on it. While I didn’t particularly like how the story painted his character. Or how he initially wanted to take down the Balanchine chocolates which in the process question his real motives on helping her. But I still got my faith a hundred percent for this guy. Even though he doesn’t believe in love and he proposed (yes, he proposed! As in marriage proposal in a very business manner though but heck, it is still a proposal) and Anya rejected (because she likes Win. I still don’t know what she saw in him. I honestly don’t!), I’m still keeping my hopes up! Never say never.

If it wasn’t obvious, I like Yuji and Anya. Yeah, I know he’s kinda older than her but I don’t know I just see something in them that got me all interested. But since romance isn’t the main issue here and more on Anya’s destiny, I’m kinda prepared if there’s no fruit of labor to my strange shipping. But it still doesn’t hurt to try, right?

I really enjoyed it. To be perfectly honest I liked Anya a whole lot better here than in the first book. It didn’t hurt that I immensely enjoyed some Yuji (and Yuji-Anya) moments. I don’t know how many books are there in the series. But one thing’s for sure I definitely can’t wait for more… More chocolates. More Anya… and well more Yuji!

PS: I have a strange feeling that something is wrong…hope I’m wrong.