Fiction / In which Mitchii shares her thoughts about hype, in an anecdotal way??

Hype—you either hate it or follow the fad. When it comes fandom this is double edge sword for me. It’s nice to see similar minded people raving about something you absolutely adore. But when it comes irrational blind following, then it all get pretty ugly really fast!

You still love the peace and cozy time when you’re part of fandom at the humblest beginning. Just few people; you all get giddy. The majority don’t get what you’re talking about. You’re shouting to the void, claiming that you have found the next treasure that y’all should be fawning. Some will take a look, and some will look you like you’ve gone mad. But with your consistent fandom pushing eventually few notice; and as you increase your number you’re pretty happy that it’s getting the attention it totally deserves—until it’s too much.

Then it happens: that madness—the ultimate peak of the hype. Everybody is just talking about it. Like almost everyone is talking about it. You’re drowning over the squees, the glomps and the raves. You understand why people do this because once upon a time you did that, too—albeit with people in scarce number. But sometimes you feel it’s just too much. And that sometimes it feels like everybody likes it because everyone likes it not because it’s interesting anymore. And it makes you sad. Of course you’re grateful for additional content—the discussion, the fan works, the new people—friends. But all good things will come to an end. Like everything the hype will definitely die down. As the crescendo cascades down you left alone in an empty concert ground full of trash… (yep an homage to BECK!)

You’ll pick up the empty cans, the trash and you see you’re actually not alone. You see few people—there are still people who care. You reminisce the things that happened—from the beg inning to the height of the fan fest. Laughing about the fond memories, discussing about what went down. It’s a roller coaster ride but it was totally a journey worth riding. Few of you think that it’s not just a simple fad we all rode, it was a great experience. You give your contacts and say “let’s talk about it some other time;” as to some fans like you, it never really died down.

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