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Author: Terra Elan McVoy Expected publication: May 1st 2012 by...

Author: Terra Elan McVoy
Expected publication: May 1st 2012 by Simon Pulse

I received an eARC from Simon & Schuster via their Galley Grab program. Thank you.

I was already planning to read this one even before I found out it was up for grabs on galley grab (and I snatched two more, which is nice. Despite the lack of the monthly newsletter, I’m glad that Simon and Schuster didn’t completely discontinue the service. But it’ll be great if the newsletter is back. Those titles I bumped into were completely accidental. And I don’t always have the time to check it out, and I don’t like missing out on stuff. So please come back…(T.T) Anyhoo, when I read the summary I really find it cute. So I shelved it on my TBR immediately, but lucky me an eARC of this book was available. But really, who wouldn’t find this interesting; being surrounded by guys and the complications of being friends with them. It promises an interesting story, yes?

The title says it all—being friends with boys. So the main focus of the book is Char’s friendship with the guys. I love how it showed Char’s different dynamics with the boys. It was different with each guy—different for Oliver, Fabian, Benji and Trip. Particularly Trip. But then I remembered the book’s blurb says that there’s a new guy will change her drama-free friendship with them. So I was looking forward to that. But even with Fabian and Benji around, I was happy that she sorted her feelings along the way. It turned out the guy who left Sad Jackal, (their band, cool name isn’t?) Trip has heart all along. I knew there’s something going on. I liked the all-out confession at the end. Speaking of the ending, I think it was cut short. I wish I know what happens after (the confession). I wanted a closure but instead it left me unsated. Nevertheless, I liked the ending. Open-ended as it was. Admittedly, the last few chapters were the ones that truly and finally drew me into the story.

I loved that there’s music in here. And I’m really pleased with it. I loved Charlotte has a thing for writing music. And that she can sing too. I think it added a more serious—a profundity to her already appealing (for me) personality. Unlike Amplified, I am more connected to this book musically. The history of their band, how it started one summer with her, Abe, Trip and Oliver. And how memorable it was. I liked that she used this as an inspiration for writing songs. My favorite part was when she was pulling all her experiences (I mean, every experiences) into words—lyrics. It was realistic portrayal for me. I loved how genuinely connected she was with her band. And I totally agree with Jill too, about fun things that don’t necessarily bring out the best in you.

Overall, I enjoyed it. A little different from what I expected but I can’t deny its charming side. I haven’t tried anything from the author but I might consider some of her works. Final note, a really nice one.

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