Fiction / In which Mitchii thinks it's OK to fangirl on your own when the world doesn't know about your faves yet!

I’ve always been a loner! I’m one of those people with a book on hand with ear plugged with earbuds + volumes way up and I couldn’t be happier!  When you see me like this avoid me at all cost because that means I’m not up for some human interaction! Yeah, I love my alone time! Some people think that introvert people like me who highly values their alone time are miserable and lonely. They got that totally wrong, at least if you’re speaking to me, I’m debunking that idea of yours! I love my alone time and it’s totally OK if I’m the only who understands!

Now, I’m gonna talk about being a loner in the sea of people with their communities and fandoms! I don’t necessarily seek out company to fangirl with! Sometimes I stumbled across them, as if the stars perfectly aligned that day for us to meet! But most of time, reading forums and being my usual ninja mode is sufficient to me! I don’t need group discussion though that itself sounds like a blast, I don’t think I’m that outgoing even online. Sometimes I go to twitter to fangirl over new series I read, with only handful of people  understands…sometimes no one at all. It does sound sad, but weirdly enough it’s satisfying—being different and liking something under the radar! But of course I do sometimes want people to recognize the series and fandom I’m giddily fangirling with!

It’s the reason why I have rec post every month! It’s why I tweet about them because I was hoping people will recognize or get intrigued! If I love something, I’m quite vocal about it, because I love to spread the news around!  I’ll be giving my favorite series—which I deem remarkable—a disservice if I don’t speak out and promote it! It is why I’m adamant on telling people my fave either by rec’ing or giving it a shootout!

So while I do enjoy the solitary, I also do love to share my faves! I know that I have sometimes problem with popular series but giving my faves the boost is also fun, too! I had short convo on twitter before about this, both of us are more introspective in finding next reads/fandom! I don’t check out what’s in or popular but I check what interest me regardless whether it’s mainstream or not! Maybe I’m a loner but these hidden jewels give the right company!

How about you? Do you also find yourself a loner? Do your tastes seem eclectic? Or are you surrounded by people who aren’t into what you like? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!