Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii kinda talked about Bleach, and long ass running series and their endings! Sort of!

This is kinda an impromptu post not exactly part of what I had scheduled this month. But I promised myself that if Bleach finally ends, I’ll read the final chapter. I had no longer any interest to catch up with the manga (maybe just about my ship but this manifesto solved that for me) but I am curious on how Kubo will wrap-up his manga. I remember the glory days of this series, being hailed as the “big 3,” many years ago. But I moved on from that after I finally realized that this series no longer sustained the interest I had when I began following it in 2006.

Ah, a decade already huh? That was the year when I started reading a lot of JUMP series: from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, D-Gray Man, Eyeshield21 etc. to JUMP’s highly successfully trio! Bleach being one of them is memorable series to me. I enjoyed it. A lot! But something went amiss and I stopped reading it. I picked it up again years after but with no avail. The huge enthusiasm had died down. 12

Nostalgia is such a powerful emotion and that people, what made me read the final chapter. Unlike other ‘sincere’ die-hard fans who bemoaned the final chapter’s event due its lack of answers to apparently many plot questions (understandable), I’m just sincerely curious on two things: one, whether if my favorite couple ended up together (some were crestfallen about the shipping war conclusion—hey, my couple won! So yeah.) and two, was looking forward to what happened to the gang from the last time I saw them. And that already fulfilled the satisfaction of looking back once more, the final time. 8

I’m not gonna detail the final chapter events nor explain the reason why I dropped it further (though I already skimmed the subject above). I’m also not gonna lambast the ending because I’m no way qualified to do so, having  not touched the series for such a long time therefore my knowledge is not enough to speak objectively. But biases aside, if it’s true that Kubo-sensei didn’t have enough time to end his series the way he intended it to be, the way he did it was probably better option than packing everything just to give us answers. I’m pretty sure readers don’t simply ask for ‘answers’, they need a concrete explanations. Leaving it to our imagination is for me better. The ending was simple—hopeful! That is the kind of message it gave me, shipping withstanding.

But let’s go back to the main point; the fact is I’m just fascinated how one series you used to love but then cut off still has strong emotional pull from you. As I said, nostalgia is strong in this case. It’s bittersweet to know that the final pages unfolded regardless of how flawed the story went through. This isn’t even the first of its kind to me! Katekyo Hitman Reborn in 2012 had an abrupt and lackluster ending! And I loved this series. So much! But I wasn’t mad. I was disappointed.  Even with factors such lack of proper development, I still can say I’m happy to read the end. 14 Not because I have lost all my faith to it, but to long running series such as Bleach finally hitting its crescendo and ringing down his music to its final beat—is what making bit lonely, nostalgic.

As in all stories, there’s always a beginning and the inevitable end. And Bleach has finally reached its conclusion. In all long running series I followed whether I liked the ending or not, I feel sentimental and blue, bar my expectations. Because I didn’t just invest money & emotions! Invested time! For me time is something precious and to provide as valuable as time means it merited being part of my life! So I’m sad when I hear some saying they wasted their time investing on this story just because they didn’t like the ending. If I were in their place, I wouldn’t say wasted, disappointed yes, but to totally dismiss the enjoyable times is something I couldn’t do. Totally forgetting the good parts because one unacceptable outcome. And that is what makes me sadder. 20 Because personally, I don’t just read for the ending. I read for the everything! (For the record I’m not against voicing disappointments and criticisms but make it respectful & healthy! For other fans alike, and most especially the person who created it: the author. 10)

From me to Kubo-sensei: お疲れ様です!!!Here’s my salute! 21

How about you? Have you followed a long series—something that spans more than a decade? How did you follow it? What’s your feeling when it finally ended! Share your thoughts with me!