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Bite-Sized: A fancy term for Mini Reviews (because I fancy...

Bite-Sized: A fancy term for Mini Reviews (because I fancy cute names (and puns apparently) 😀 ). These are my short, direct-to-the-point reviews. The two novels that are going to share a spotlight are Rush Too Far by Abbi Glines and Breakable by Tamarra Webber. These two shared same theme: a retold of story in the guy’s POV. If you need some not-so intricate review then go ahead and check it out!

Breakable (Contours of the Heart #2) by Tammara Webber

Published: May 6th 2014
Publisher: Penguin Berkley
Categories: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult

Before was an uncomplicated word, and it would never express all I’d lost when my timeline split in two, hurling me into an after I would never escape. – Lucas

Review: (Goodreads Page) Ok, when I saw the cover, I immediately thought ‘Lucas’s POV, I’m so gonna read it!’ I didn’t bother to read the summary, read early reviews (if there are). I just didn’t bother because I thought knew what it will be—I expected it as a rehash of Easy in the guy’s POV. And even though the story is the same, there’s something interesting to read story in different person’s perspective. It’s always the reason why I want to read book like this. But surprise, surprise this is different from the others. While yes, there’s Easy in Lucas’s POV but there was also Landon’s. Oh wait, isn’t he the same guy? Sure, it is the same person but they were in two very different situations. I think the author was clever to include Landon’s story (pre-Easy) so we get to know him deeply than we could’ve known him if it was told in the same timeline as Easy.

I think the title was appropriate. This guy is breakable. These two pieces of him—very different but the same in many ways. It was interesting to know Landon after the incident that befell his family. And how people viewed him after that. His relationship with his dad, relatives, friends and even girls. It was awkward for me to see him with someone other than Jackie but those things he experienced (that included) helped him to be this guy we all knew.

But the most surprising for me was Lucas/Landon’s voice. He was very expressive. He noticed the smallest details, described and analyzed it. I saw him as a very timid guy; not shy per se but someone who keeps things in himself. So I didn’t know how he really sees things. To know firsthand how his mind worked was really refreshing. I didn’t know the depth of how he understands things and it was really…educational, for lack of a better word. So to all the fans of Easy, I think you should definitely try this one, not only for Lucas/Landon but the great story he shared!



Rush Too Far (Rosemary Beach #1.1) by Abbi Glines

Published: May 6th 2014
Publisher: Atria Books
Categories: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult

She would be fine. I would make sure of it. She’d be motherfucking perfect. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. I’d protect her. She didn’t have a father to keep her safe, but she had me. She wasn’t alone. Not anymore. – Rush

Review: (Goodreads Page) For me, Abbi Glines is synonymous to good/naïve girl plus bad/playboy NA romance. But despite the formulaic plot, I still want to read them (not necessarily by her but by some other authors, too). There’s something comforting in reading a book theme that I know normally works for me. Plus, the fact it’s the guy’s POV made it automatically on my TBR list. However upon finishing it, I realized that this book offered little to the story and to my understanding of Rush.

Rush isn’t a difficult character. He was just being difficult because he made it that way. His anger now that I read through his head wasn’t as warranted as I thought. He seemed to have a lot of issues which is frankly are all self-inflicted ones. He brought it upon himself and well, to her sister Nan (she wasn’t his sister, right? I have yet to finish the original series.). He was irrational most of the time and he wasn’t that emotionally connected to Blaire. He was sure attracted to her, his thoughts definitely made that point. He showed pity too and perhaps, admiration but to me those still felt short (my usual problem with her works).They still badly need convincing.

I didn’t expect that it’s going to be a complete reboot of the Fallen Too Far (Rosemary) series. I haven’t even finished the original series but based on what I just read (even though I did like it) the rest do not feel like all that promising.


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