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Author: Elizabeth Richards Series: (Black City #1) Published: November 13th...

Author: Elizabeth Richards
Series: (Black City #1)
Published: November 13th 2012
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons BYR
Categories: Paranormal, Post Apocalyptic

Three out of four. I think it’s safe for me to say that I liked the mixed of dystopia/post-apocalyptic, paranormal and romance. Like in every book I read I set list of things to expect. The book doesn’t necessarily need to meet everything on my checklist. One or two will suffice. Black City by Elizabeth Richards missed a lot of those expectations. Besides my new found love with the hybrid genre, this one of those rare occasions where I enjoyed the book on its outmost potential. Potentials I don’t entirely agree, but I respect, still. I admit that book is hardly riveting but it is undeniably entertaining.

I thought I’m already exhausted with vampire mythology. It has been bent, twisted, altered in every possible way. But surprisingly it still has something to offer. Few authors courageously lanced through the trend and combined the now most popular genre. I tried four titles and I ended up loving the three (including this book). Vampires set in futuristic society are fascinating when it’s done properly.

Now this is the part where I go into details, dissect everything from the ‘oh yeah that’s awesome’ to ‘wtf moments.’ But I’m not gonna do that because I really don’t know how to explain my fascination with this book. It’s just pure entertaining. This is one of the books that I enjoyed regardless of the merits it has…or did not have.

I don’t fully like the two main characters here. Ash could be annoying and Natalie is competing in the that annoying category. Both tried and tested my patience as well my eyeball’s capacity to roll. And they succeeded. But do I hate them? No. They were infuriating and not because they’re not faultless because they were created that way. But still, it was tolerable. Since I’m talking about them let me tell you briefly about their romance. It was typical. I always prefer romantic development in a non-instantaneous pace. It wasn’t instant but it was underdeveloped and rushed through.  Their hearts literally beat for each other. A large chunk of reason why they ended falling for each other was because of some kind of unnatural phenomena. They’re bloodmates (who turned out not really so, so they settled with more epic, most romantic reason ever—soul mates—if there’s any cheesier than that). The intentions were clear; I know why they fall for each other but I didn’t completely react the way I supposed to be. Even the mandatory thirdwheel, Sebastian and Evangeline came calculated. I know they served some purpose (especially Evangeline) but that all there is to them. A means to an end.

Weirdly, I could not think specifically anything positive (unique) that will set this book apart. Basically, things here were also done before, and if I must add much better. But I’m not belittling this one. I’m not giving an almost perfect rating for nothing. Not counting the originality, it’s fair to say that the integration of ideas was really thorough and that helped me liking the story. The characters were not someone I’ll include in my ‘all-time favorite’ list but they’re definitely not forgettable. They’re etched in my mind for good and bad reasons.

I know that my review inclined more on the negative side. But don’t worry this is one of those times where I was highlighting the downfalls because I was so sad of the missed opportunity (to become awesome). But nevertheless I really enjoyed it. I’m not gonna complain about Ash’s slightly disappointing and purely anticlimactic resurrection (I think I already did). But it sure left me wanting for more.

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