Blogger / the ups, downs, & the fulfillment of having a design that represents you!

Web Design is something very important to me! Design is another way to present who I am as a blogger. My designs are always about presentation and at the same time an overview. My aesthetics are always girly (read: pink!) minimal, and clean. That’s it! That’s my aesthetic.

But let’s go deeper! How important is my design to me? VERY. As in VERY! One of the things I persuaded myself to get into when I started to formally blog (after moving from livejournal) publicly was WordPress development. In 2009 this CMS was like alien to me! It was so complicated! I used to solely hand code HTML/CSS websites but not as intricate as WordPress. I almost gave up but my love for presentation and individuality was so strong that I gave myself one week of intensive personal WP boot camp just to feel the structure of this platform. And whoa that was so intense now that I think about it! When I think I know the ropes I got some barebones layout (naked/blank themes) and piled up things I want to see in the design and wa-lah! I made my very own theme. It was sloppy, boring and barely presentable…yet I was proud of it because I made the design. I did it! 

My learning curve is more on exposure…the more I do it the more I can grasp it. It’s why I love reading in Japanese because it’s forces me to learn…same with Korean. And just like the two coding is a language—which I’m a big fond of! When I finally learned the ropes, and could build it from the ground up, on my won, I’d realized my dream design. I freaking made it! I loved that design. It took me two years to bring it down…with teeny bit regret. After that it was one revamp after the other, but in all the revamps I made, there were elements remained similar—again, true to my aesthetics!

I love my design right now, and as challenge for 2018 I won’t revamp! Yeah, yeah I know you’re doubtful due my track record  but honestly I think I’ll be sticking with the design for a year (or more until I got around design something I’m fully satisfied). The thing is when I design this theme I had lots of time because I wasn’t blogging for a month. I checked nook and cranny and make sure I like how it looks. I know, that there’s a chance that there’ll be tweaks here and there but that’s all the design changes I’ll make. Like I said I’m happy! Satisfied! This design is totally me!

Yeah, I love pink (but I rarely wear pink or own one…haha, I just love it on web designs) and monochromatic colors #aestheticgoals. But always add some fun in minor details! I think that’s my personality since I’m pretty serious but I can be wacky when you push the right buttons! I want my blog to represent everything I like: clean, structured, personal with some fun~ I think my design is always what pleases me. And this one, yeah it satisfies me!