Blogger / no matter what they say about blog, trend or not, I do love it!

Except for twitter, but that just spur of the moment. And it’s not my project per se. Same to my other SNS, for instance, I only use Instagram now as an archive for my travel adventures. Sometimes I do stories, but that’s just when I’m in the mood! I haven’t logged in to tumblr for who knows how long now. As for others I don’t think of ’em as much as I do with my blog. My blog is very personal to me. It’s everything about what I’m passionate about. It represents me as website: the messy thoughts, emoji-fied posts, adorable pink palette, grammatically incorrect nonsense, directionless thoughts, yeah that’s all me.

“But one of these things is not like the others. Like a rainbow with all of the colors”

Yeah, Taylor Swift’s ME! rocks! And it embodies my blog! The reason I love my blog more than my other online stuff is because I have complete control of it. ME!  I manage it on my own, I’m the sole owner so I can’t do whatever I want and I’m glad I have this kind of online space. It’s my oasis, as you all know I’m lonely fangirl. A lot of people I know are not into what I love! And that’s OK. But it’s hard to contain these thoughts, so I’m happy that I’ve decided to blog. That one fateful night almost 10 years ago, and here we are going strong.

Some go, leave, and stay. The many faces of my blog and why’s it important!

A lot of things come and go. My blog has transitioned to a lot of things. But since I’m not that into trends that I’m able to keep my own style, and this why the vigor didn’t run dry. I do have slump. But what I do with it is that I don’t push it. From experience, if my heart’s not in it, just won’t happen regardless of how I much force myself to do it. Slump is a rest, then afterwards a time to reorganize, but in the end I always go back to blogging. I always have these things, ideas that I want discuss in full details.

Throwback to my early blogging days. The younger and confused me trying to keep up!

In my early blogging years, so many things came. In retrospect, it was overwhelming. I think it did play a part on why I’ve grown tired of the things I used to do. Yes, a huge reason was the change of interest but I was beginning to understand what I really wanted for my blog. So, I’ve decided it was high time to explore. A lot of experimentation but eventually my niche–or maybe the lack of thereof. And even though I don’t blog nearly as often as I was in my younger blogging years, my love for the art of blogging remain as passionate as ever!

Blogging is here to stay. Ideas pouring and love growing–that’s my blog!

Blogging is so different from everything else I’ve tried online. There are tons of stuff happening in the background, and all those things are managed by me, the blog owner. You’ll see me typing on either my desktop/laptop (shoutout to vecteezy and freepik for my DIY laptop stickers) or phone! I find the process super fun!! It’s why when you ask other bloggers how they feel about their blog, it’s very personal and dear to them, whatever the subjects are! ‘Cos it’s true, the hard work & time (sometimes even money) we invested in our blogs say so much on how we take care of it. So glad I get to have my own little corner, the ideas and thoughts running inside me have nifty safe place to stay. No matter what they say about blog, trend or not, I do love it!