Author:  Magan Vernon
Published: August 20th 2013
Publisher:  Beautifully Broken Books
Categories: Contemporary, Young Adult
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Summary: When life hands you lemons, sometimes you have to say screw the lemons and bail.

Seventeen-year-old Bentley Evans had it all. Then her Dad got laid off.

Now she has to move across town to a small apartment and leave her life of luxury for public school and a job at the local burger place. Just when her world seems like it’s crumbling she finds solace in the unlikely punk boy next door, Kai Stone. But as their relationship blossoms, a jealous ex-girlfriend and a secret to tell that threatens to bring disaster back into Bentley’s life.

Review: This book is like summer. I expected the weather to be warm. In some days I’ll crave for an ice cream and I know what flavor I’ll pick. And I know how it’ll taste. Other times I want to go out and hit the beach, and I know that it’s going to be a refreshing feeling. You know those things you expect what summer represents. This is how this book for me. I know when I read Life, Love, & Lemons by Magan Vernon I’ll get my usual YA contemporary flavor. I know it going to be nice, sweet and still feel real to me.

Bentley Evans’s life drastically changed when her father got laid-off. They’re now residing in a two bedroom apartment and she’s now attending public high school. It didn’t help her situation when her dad moped for months because of what has happened and her mom is spending a lot of time outside doing who knows what. Gone her privileges and she now must work if she want her basics needs covered. But things aren’t exactly going for the worst particularly when she met Kai—a guy who not only likes the new Bentley but also willing to do everything for her even when people put their backs on her.

Like I said, it was a nice story—something you expected. And while those expectations weren’t high you still have the feeling that you will enjoy it regardless. I did enjoy Bentley’s story. I kinda know the feeling that when things take different course and it is something you are not familiar with, you got lost and scared. And while it took her a while to embrace her new status, I’m glad that she gradually and finally accepted it. And to be honest, things weren’t all that bad. So maybe it was hard for her at beginning and she always blames her father for it. But at the end she learned her lesson. That is life; you have to put your best armor upfront and faced it head on.

Kai was refreshing thing to read. I kinda like his whole don’t-judge-the-book-by-its-cover vibe. He looked like goth/punk kid and people assumed that his personality is like that because of how he dresses. But he has endearing qualities that are way beyond the clothing and piercing. He was actually a nice kid beyond the goth exterior. They also have a nice dynamic, him and Bentley. I was really surprised on the lengths he will do for Bentley. She is lucky to have him (and he is to her).

The romance was nicely done. I liked that it didn’t take so long for them to develop but doesn’t look like it was rushed. I’m glad to see a couple on their current status and see how they work on their relationship. It’s not always going to be roses and chocolates for them. So I’m glad that it gave time to show that even young couples face problems and when it is real they are mature enough to surpass those problems.

Overall, it was nice story—a story about life. A story that is also about love. And yes, there’s also bit of lemon there. And just like the summary said: “when life hands you lemons, sometimes you have to say screw the lemons and bail.” Yeah, and that.

Preview Quote: You know sometimes you have to say, screw the lemons, and bail, but sometimes you just have to take those lemons, cut them up and put them in a glass of water.” I smiled leaning in as I whispered, “And you know how much I like lemon water.””   — Bentley

The Author:

Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman. Author Links: Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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