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Author: Anne Whitney Published: June 18th 2013 Publisher: Self Published...

Author: Anne Whitney
Published: June 18th 2013
Publisher: Self Published
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
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Synopsis:  Marina Phillips has spent her entire life as her father’s victim. But enough is enough. All it took was one moment of realization to send her fleeing across the country into the unknown of New York City with no plans and no money. A new life without the constant torture is all she wants, but what she finds waiting is something she never expected.

Fitz is New York’s premiere playboy artist. Sexy, tattooed, and coveted by women and men alike, his performances are heralded as the coming of a new god of modern art. But when Marina wanders into his show, she becomes the inadvertent piece he’s always waited for – a girl to sculpt, to change, and to craft in his own image.

She never expects to fall head over heels into the world of parties, drag queens, agents, and artists craving for her and her benefactor. She didn’t even expect to begin falling in love with someone like Fitz, the sexy, pretentious man of her nightmares.

Above all, Marina never expects her father to stage a cross-country mission to paint her as a kidnapped girl taken by a psychopath.

With her life on the line, Marina has no choice but to accept Fitz’s proposal – change everything she is, inside and out, for the chance to start anew. But Marina has plans of her own. Plans that will rock her world forever.

Review: I decided to read this book immediately after receiving a copy (which is imperative to say that was totally unexpected since I haven’t done any blog tour before so the acceptance was overwhelming, you can say I’m blog tour virgin *smiles*). Reading good press about the book from people who have read it in advance made a snap decision out of me: I dive in, expecting the humor and different twist this book will hopefully offer.

It’s different alright but not too different. Some events felt lackluster but some are noteworthy. It has flaws but despite those flaws a very interesting story had emerged. Marina went to New York with almost no money, no home and no plans. She just wanted to escape her father. With her growling stomach led her to very peculiar art show and met a naked guy. Naked guy turned out to be Fitz, popular person among the modern art crowd. He helped her to have a home, a job and a new persona. Her father is not giving up on finding her, and created some story to interest the media. Will she be able escape from his past? Can their relationship withstand these trials?

I enjoyed majority of the story. Both the main leads: Marina and Fitz are neither boring nor a standout. And that’s become problem to me, they are too unexciting for me. It started really intriguing at first laced with some humorous first meeting. It really was a shock of a lifetime to meet the guy of your dreams in all its naked glory? But that’s how Fitz and Marina met. I’m not gonna dwell much on how Fitz helped a complete stranger regardless of what I know about her. It’s just too unrealistic to me. But what I really liked is that they didn’t fall in love easily and quickly. I hate those kinds. Marina was hesitant at first and I’m relieved that she actually weighed first the situation before she decides what to do about it. I mean girls, we also have brain we need to use it and now only just our hearts.

Overall, it was quite a good read. There are those books that tackle art as merely a device or worst an accessory to the love story. The Art of Love shows that art as its subject is fundamental to the story and to characters. I can sincerely felt Fitz love for his art despite the problems he encountered because he chose what he loves. His passion. It made me realized that every piece of things, events and even people we come across is a form of art in way or another. It depends how we interpret. And learning a thing or two from the story is what made this book memorable to me.

 About the Author:

Twitter: @AnneWhitney_
Blog: http://annewhitneywrites.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/annewhitneywrites
Goodreads Page: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17798215-the-art-of-love

Anne Whitney lives near New York City and spends most of her time writing stories in her head. When she’s not putting those stories onto paper, she can be found browsing art galleries, watching sci-fi and reading whatever she can get her hands on. “The Art of Love” is her first novel.


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