Let’s back-pedal to circa 2010, if a situation arise that I need to specifically label myself as to what kind of blogger I am, I won’t hesitate to say I’m a book blogger!   Even though I was hesitant to even bring that up! Now, I don’t have precise “label” other than generic term—“blogger!” And while my topics are heavily graphic novel (manga & manhwa (webtoons) related, I still couldn’t say I’m aniblogger. Have you see anime/manga blogs? They groove differently than mine. Like book blogs, they also concentrate on reviews, news, features but mine is more…different…more editorial I think?

I think it boils down to what my blog objective is—an avenue of my thoughts. If there are topics that I want to expand then I write them down and publish them here. I don’t exactly seek out the hottest news, or the latest out there! And I also don’t feel like reviewing at all—I lost all the spark with that one.  So I’m doing differently from the others and for some crazy unknown reason I am relieved to know that I’m following my own program! It doesn’t bother me that I am not the same as others. And that’s OK. I’m still happy and contended!

Furthermore, the reason why blogging in solitude is enough drive for me is because I enjoy it. I know there’s fun on knowing that people read my blog (and I’m pretty sure someone’s reading this (aside from me of course)—my stats sends me monthly report and holy smokes, you guys are all over the place *bite nails* *cue in nervousness* but please know that I greatly appreciate you beautiful people dropping by either by reading, and especially commenting) but even if the case was different, I’ll still be happy! I do the thing I love—even without the label!

Now, there’s nothing wrong about being part of community and loving the labels that come with it. Maybe it isn’t applicable to me, and that personally is OK! You really have to follow what your heart’s desire with this one!  I’m sure every one of us decided to blog because of the drive to share our love to our different interest & passion. And that itself is very fascinatingly remarkable!

How about you? What kind of blogger are you. Is necessary to have a specific label? Why, or why not? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!