Blogger / In which Mitchii reasoned out why she blogs in English despite the obvious lack of skillz!

I tend apologize in advance of my highly possible mistakes. I often reason out that English isn’t my mother tongue—which is true btw, it’s not! But the validity of this excuse is starting to wear off! I could just polish my English thoroughly to avoid sounding like a broken record. Sounds logical, right? Right! 2

I’m not totally uncomfortable with English tbqh. I use it casually! It’s hard to converse here without throwing English words or phrases here and there, especially communicating with kids and professionals nowadays. I even find it kinda rare to hear a person here speaks Filipino fluently (a la your Francisco Balagtas professor in University type of fluent!) than Taglish (Tagalog + English) and I think that’s kinda hindered me a bit of totally and properly grasping the two languages.

When I started this blog I knew that the language I’ll be using is English. Apart from it’s an outlet, I’m very vocal of my other reason that I want to improve my mediocre English skills. And continuously using this language is a great practice. I’m not completely unknowledgeable; almost everyone here knows how to communicate in English. And English is one of our official languages and taught in all educational levels. Most academic subjects are in English (but explained in Taglish but books are still in English—so yeah, you’re pretty screwed if you can’t comprehend!) As I said even kids these days know—so naturally in fact, but how but to able to communicate efficiently is my target. Though I think I’m nowhere near my objective…based on personal assessment! Plus internet lingo is just way too twisted to learn the rigid correct way.

And honestly I find typing in English a lot easier than it is to type in Filipino. Did you know how lengthy some Filipino words are? Lengthy! Too many syllables! I prefer speaking in Filipino/Taglish but I am most comfortable typing in English, so it was no brainer there that when it comes to blogging English is the language to be!

Even though I do not aspire to become a popular blogger, and I don’t actively pursue wide audience, I do still want the people who stumble across my blog, may it accidentally or not, to (AT LEAST!) understand my thoughts. And English is our lingua franca so another great reason to use it! There are just lots of pros than cons to me. And honestly the proofreading part of my content is the taxing one than it is to express my thoughts in English (I usually missed out my tenses and spelling so aaaah~!!!) Yes, in that area I have lot of work to do (but I’m way too lazy to spend time on that task, ugh! I just type and type without even reading it sometimes. 11) Ah, self you never cease to amaze me with your slothfulness!

I really admire people who blog in their own language! I came across a few and they seemed to be really excelling at it! I did try reviewing in Filipino before and rereading it I felt ashamed with how many mistakes it has! LOL and it’s very evident that I slipped in and out of the two languages too effortlessly it sounded weird (I think that’s how I normally talk in RL though I made a sad attempt to sound more Filpino-ish, if that’s even a word) 13 So yeah, I prefer English as my blogging language! But I’m not closing doors to anything. I have already done it before so who knows I might write a blog post in Filipino again—or maybe I can finally write non-fragmented thoughts in another one…though don’t hold your breath as my third language I’m wishing to master is still far from decent! LOL 日本語はそんなに難しいなぜ?でもがんばります!


10 Responses to Blogger Session: Why did I choose English as my blogging medium?!

  1. Tasya says:

    I also prefer English as my blogging language, even though it’s not my first language. It’s just because I started a blog mainly to improve my english skills, so why would I use another languge? xD another reason is because I tried to blog for some time in my own language, it just felt weird and my thoughts hadn’t translated really well in words. Oh well 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      My thoughts are mixed of the two languages I’m mainly using and it’s too weird. That’s why I made sure to use just one language for my blog. English is the most widely used and I know much to use it. And blogging will help me with skills I need to improve on.

  2. I’ve heard of other bloggers blogging in English to improve their skills! And to be honest, I think it’s a great idea. With practice makes perfect, right? And SO many bloggers blog in English, so I feel like being surrounded by the language would help.

    Although I have no idea because I only speak English (and the tiny, teeny bit of Japanese I learned in school, lol). I would really like to speak another language, but I don’t know if I have the perseverance for it XD

    I admire bloggers who blog in English, even though it’s not their second language. I think it’s incredible 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Yeah. Practice does help! But internet has its own language and sometimes it discredits grammar rules LOL. But in all seriousness blogging did help me polish my non-existent writing skills. Though there is lots of work to catch up!
      Oh you should definitely pick-up another language. It just opens lots of doors. To me I love reading stories from different countries. And it’s not only entertaining but also educational. If only I’m smart enough to pick new languages every year I’ll do it. My desire to read motivates me to study languages.
      I admire people blogs honestly, regardless of the language. To share a piece of yourself out there that is worth noting. 😀

  3. Simona says:

    YAY it’s awesome to meet someone whose first language is not English! I started blogging in English for the same reason, I wanted to improve my English and writing skills and I’m so glad I did that. Though I’m studying English for 15 years now, I still make mistakes and I have still lot to learn. Although I have been blogging for five years in my mother tongue and it is easy and awesome too but it’s nice to see the difference in audience. 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I think making mistakes is part of the never-ending learning process. It’s the idea learning from the mistakes that truly counts. That’s really great that you’re blogging in your native language!

  4. Chri says:

    I’m in the same boat! I also started blogging to improve my English, though honestly I think it’s just gotten progressively worse and worse… at least I’m having fun?^^ My Twitter’s a total mess, though. I can’t decide whether I want to use English or my first language, so it all just molded together ahah. And I totally agree with you on English being easier to type! With English, it can translsate from thought to letters on the screen without much effort. With my first language, I have to convert the romanized letters into logographic characters – often requiring a lot of space bashing and squinting at rows of tiny letters on the screen. I wish there was an easier system (_ _ )

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Haha, the internet language is too malleable that people create new words to describe new trends (selfie, unfollow, unfriend etc…) Hey as you said it’s fun! Some of my ideas are easier to explain in English than my first language so I tend use it often. Even though I’m not as skillful using it but I can express it properly & thoroughly than I were to use the language I most comfortable with. Yeah, it’s hard basically. LOL

  5. I picked English, because 1. I only read English books. 2. I love the language and I also wanted to practice. 3. I feel like it’s a better way to communicate with a larger audience. It also feels more natural to write in English instead of Dutch, for some reason.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      There are so many benefits in blogging English, that’s why I think even non-native speakers chose it as their blogging language. 😀

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