Blogger / In which Mitchii admits how simpleton she is when it comes to her blog!

Even though sometimes I occasionally hit slumps and the lot, it still has never really occurred to me to leave. I love blogging. I love how it provided me lots of things. Lots of learning that I otherwise will not know if I didn’t step into the world of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shy away on things I don’t like, or eventually dislike. I’m also one of those people who quits once I realize that this and that didn’t click with me anymore. But blogging? It’s refreshing! fluffyIt’s something I really enjoy regardless of slumps, of changes, of my stature in the community.

I think what blogging means to me has always kept me motivated. Three years ago I wrote this little piece (of my now defunct feature—Bookish Verbosity). It was my honest view on how to keep motivated but I never really stated what keeps me—personally—blogging through these years. I guess because from the very beginning my objective never deviates despite numerous changes that has happened: is to talk; is to share; and sometimes is to learn. And that what makes me heavily invested in blogging. I know that if I have something I want to share, I have my blog to serve as my outlet. I never really entertain ideas of popularity, uniqueness and such. That being said nothing wrong with that but those things never appeal to me on personal level. I just love what I’m doing. Period! nervous

The stuff I write here, well those are ideas happened on the most mundane moments tbqh; like when I was about to sleep. Or when I was reading. Things I just have an opinion to—that perhaps may or may not interest others. But to me, to lay down these thoughts is what really keep me going on.

When I decided to take the plunge and embraced change, it was super relieving! I found the restrain of being a “book blogger” suffocating. I want to freely blog on things that are keeping me occupied and happy. I’m a serial journal writer (still has diary, you guys!). Because writing my thoughts to me is essential part of who I am. I may not be the bestest writer there is but it doesn’t deter me. This blog represents what I love & what I thought about the things I love in very personal matter!

So yes, these are the things that keep motivated. My blog, I find it too personal & too carefree. Like I said to know I have a place to put these things in my head, a solace of sort, keeps me super contended and motivated already. kissIn retrospect, the thing that keeps me motivated is quite simple now that I completely lay cards on the table.

How about you? How long have you been blogging? What keeps you motivated? Do your objectives change as time goes by? Share your thoughts with me! (I don’t bite!!! <3)