Know this, I’m very laid back kind of person and I want that kind of vibe to reflect on my writing! I don’t want to write professionally on my blog (ugh, that’s too tiring) so the way I write my post is almost the same way if I talk to you in person (well that is if you’re someone I’m comfortable with.  I, in fact, wear a hard to crack social barrier that make me act so awkward & inaudible with people IRL.) This blog? It’s totally me! The weirdness, the mistakes, the immaturity—yep that’s me. In some way I want YOU my blog readers to know me on the way I speak via writing!

My writing style is so informal, sometimes skittish, a bit disorganized—OK not just bit, it’s chaotic, but I can honestly say is very me! I admit there are times I want to sound more mature and professional especially on book reviews before but I shrugged it off because I don’t wanna sound too stiff. And again it’s just oh so tiring to even just try. Even though I’m nowhere near skillful as a writer and chose my second language as my blogging language, I still want to present myself in the most honest way I can. I want to write freely! (*insert: cat smashing my keyboard gif here*) It is the reason why despite removing myself from book reviewing pool I managed to still blog effortlessly (well not completely effortless but you get the point) because I’m such loquacious fangirl who have too many ideas on her head! (Like gazillion of ideas, ironically I’m born with lazy body who loves procastinating. Laziness trumps over imagination! ) I actually think I’m innately verbose person with a body of an introvert.

So my style not really that great, but hell with it. I know I have bad habit of enumerating ideas over and over again. I digress a lot (because I always have so much to say and I often get sidetracked). I continuously like to emphasize on things I’m completely passionate about. Now that I think about it I’m less shy to speak about things I love (well duh I’m almost anonymous here) but even so, I’m still cautious on showing everything I am BUT I try so hard to get myself, or my ideas across. And even though I’m socially inept, I want people to know me on the way I write. A persona based on my writing! I constantly pursue a writing style that showcases my character.   And I hope that shows in the posts I published here in my blog. *crosses fingers*

I’m really happy and satisfied with where my blog now. I know that my writing has so much room for improvement. And somehow that’s make me so pump up because I always welcome learning! But at the same time I want to keep my writing style simply the way I want. A piece of me via blogging about my fandom I share with y’all!

How about you, what’s your approach? Formal, casual or just whatever type? Do you get the blogger’s personality based on his/her writing? Share it with me!