Blogger / In which Mitchii thinks it’s how you presented your blog that give its identity!
The only thing that can come close to organization is my taking notes on things! I’m somewhat fixated on tracking down my progress or plans (or things I’ve already done)! Other than that I’m as casual & as spontaneous as you can get! sorry about handwriting I’m sloppy when I’m the only who read it!

I like to pretend that my blog is polished and nice. But the people who frequent my blog know how huge of fangirl I am and how equally huge slacker I am with proofreading. I’m what you called selective organized; my priorities are skewed at 180°. Terrible, I know. 13

I know some people treat blogging seriously. They do all the shebang—proofreading, amazing blog photos, blog design, marketing new post on various social media platforms etc., etc. While me on the other hand, do the easy way. This post probably thinks that I plan out. Well, yeah that’s wee bit misleading. I just loved doing the organizing after it happened not before (most of the time). I often tend to take note of things I’ve done rather than the things I do prior. I do well in some aspects, but most of the time I don’t.

I also do write my post on the moment the topic sparked. And unlike before where my motto was “I write it today, I’ll post it today.”  I can’t do that anymore. Regardless of the changes on how I blog now, one thing never changed: it is to have fun. 7 And for me to have fun is not to be too serious about it. That being said, I don’t say that it’s wrong to treat your hobbies such as blogging seriously. Some people excel at doing that, and still have fun at the same time. I’m not one of those people. I’m easy quitter when stress overwhelmed me—as my parents had berated me plenty of times. But I become 100% into things I enjoy immensely.

Now before I stray away from my topic, I think it’s OK if people treat blogging simply as a hobby. And it’s also OK to treat it with adeptness.  And if you are offended if people misunderstood your blogging reasons (some are so passionate about this issues hence me writing a post about it) rather than condemn, educate these people. Plus, the way you presented your blog is how the readers will judge on how they think what your blog is. And mine is something personal and care-free. I’m presenting myself the way I do in RL (but more verbose and tons of emoticons! #iamnotevensorry) 11 So I really don’t mind if some people think of my blog is wee bit unprofessional (it’s true though why should I deny). In fact, this is how my blogging adventures came to be—more than 10 years ago. It’s what I’m comfortable with. I always keep my blogging to something I enjoy—something that is hassle free. That being said there’s nothing wrong, as in zero, zilch, zip, nada, if bloggers treat their blogs more than a hobby.

I came across many blogs in my years of roaming around the net. Some are polished. Others are super fun. Others are very personal, like a friend talking to you. I think blogs are wonderful way to connect to people, introducing yourselves via your interests or whatever. So it depends how you market yourself, the pre-notion is nothing offensive—at least to me personally it isn’t. Ultimately you as the blogger give your blog its identity! 10

So how about you? How’s your blog? What do you think of it? A simple hobby? Something you treat professionally? Why and why not? Do share your opinions with me~! 21