My blogging routine was never really complex to begin with. And now that I have resorted to scheduling my posts, it became easier than ever! I don’t have to cram to write reviews anymore! I don’t have to read so many books (sometimes by force!), or think of being left behind by my ARCs. I rid of all the things that give me pressure. I read the hell I want! Those old thoughts are not a welcome presence in my new blogging niche! And right now, I feel like breathing!

But I’m not super stiff type of person but I do need some little organization on the side. One of my problems is my being forgetful! So I tend to take down notes, track down my progress and do some checklist. This isn’t complicated if you do it at the moment it happen. Like for example I take note of the titles of the manga I read the moment I finished it. This serves as an easy reference when I make my “What’s on my Reading List?” feature. This feature is my way to tell you what I’ve been reading or my short (very brief) thoughts on things I read! I don’t feel like reviewing anymore. I do love to toss in rec posts, but essentially for all things I read, “What’s on my Reading List?” feature covers all that!

I have like pool of post ideas noted and most were written down already. I sometimes check it if there is changes/additions to be made but most them are OK for me (you know I’m easy to please! ) The moment the topic sparked I immediately write it down (since I told you I’m somehow forgetful ). Then I schedule them. Ideal time to post is every 4-5 days apart (unless I’m being lazy or busy) and from different category.

My phone is super important to me (I realized it even more after having phone-less for more than a month) because I have all kinds of apps that may or may-not have to do with blogging. I only use the PC for things that need to achieve by it only! Whether I’m writing my posts, tinkering my blog’s design or preparing blog photos: those are accomplished by using PC. But for other stuff I can use my phone for that! I even still use it to note things down. It provides me all stuff for me: my music, checking emails, fast update on things—like twitter, IG or simply my reading status (like MAL app)! Those can be done via my phone! Seriously, so convenient!

I rarely use my phone’s camera for blog posts unless it’s necessary and I don’t have personalized images to represent a post! Generally for personalized photos, I’m using my old school point & shoot camera and heavily manipulated the photo via Photoshop. I’m not that invested on photography + I don’t really have knack for it in general unfortunately that’s why I’m not too keen on spending money on high-end camera. My photos would be prettier for sure but that’s too much money for me.

So really, nothing fancy right? And as I said, it doesn’t have to eat up a huge chunk of my time. And with some organization I would never feel constrained ever. There is also some sort of joy when I’m preparing my post or brain storming for ideas! To me blogging is such a fun hobby but it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. And that’s my blogging philosophy since the beginning!

How about you? How do you maintain your blog? What’s sort of routine do you do? And what are the tools do you regularly use? Care to share it with me?