Blogger / In which Mitchii reasoned why she likes to blog at night!

I don’t know if you guys find the time (I mean literally the time!) relevant. I’ve always been very active during the night. I’m a night owl so to speak. So from the very beginning, I’d set my blogging routine at nights—usually before I sleep. kao_yes I know being in front of the computer is counterproductive with study shows that if you’re expose to tech before you sleep, chances are, well, you can’t sleep.

I always have problems sleeping early. In effect, I became infamous for being late comer (my motto was: “is better than absent!”). kao_tongue My classmates & co-workers knew this problem of mine. One time my classmate saw me walking nonchalantly, not caring if my professor will scold me (he didn’t btw) while she was already worried of being late. She remarked that she knew was officially late because she was with me! (I wasn’t offended because that was true). Numerous times my friends deceived me of the real meeting time (if by chance I need to be on time, I can do it though—I’m quite immature when I’m the one who needs to wait.). My problems lie with me at night. For some reason my brain is just very active at night.

99% of blog topics came when I was about to sleep. But I sometimes blog at mornings or early afternoons. But that’s super rare for me. And if that is I have nothing else to do (or if I’m excited with topic I was going to post). My schedule before allowed me to go home early so my afternoon was spent guess what—napping. For some reason afternoons can make me sleep. Especially right now that I’m old & can’t function properly with less than 7 hours of sleep (I’m cranky old woman if this happens). So I do it at night. Since to be quite honest, I don’t have a night life—or you can consider this my night life. kao_posh

The thing is, I also blog very fast. I told you before I don’t spent a lot of time blogging. An hour or so (preparation already in it) is adequate time for me. It’s quite simple when all I do is write my thoughts. Because if I have something to say, it easy to pour the words in. It doesn’t have to take so much of my time when I know I have so much to say. 15 minutes is enough—then again I never bothered proofreading (don’t follow my act, in this regard I’m quite a slob). Writing is easy; all I need to do is be myself.

With me now doing some scheduling –and by scheduling I meant writing topics, or the blog post beforehand, has proved to be efficient. Now I spent lesser time than before. So blogging at night doesn’t have to be long or tedious task. It comes naturally now (I mean 6 years continuously doing it meant I’m comfortable handling the rein by now). Plus, night is when everything is quiet, cooler and steady. I love the atmosphere during the night. So I do my blogging at night! kao_big_grin

How about you? What time of the day do you blog? Or are you the sporadic type? Care to share it with me!


10 Responses to Blogger Sessions #1: I blog at night!

  1. Chri says:

    I’m so jealous! I’m definitely the slow, sporadic, perfectionist type. I’d go through a dry spell with zero ideas, and suddenly one random day I’d get a ton of ideas, and then nothing. Plus nothing I write down ever sounds the way it does in my head^^;; And when I leave blogging, I’m always so tempted to pick it up again. I’m so inconsistent it drives me crazy sometimes. It’s funny too, because I’m the kind of person who can drag herself out of bed super early (I won’t be fully coherent, but hey – at least I’m up?), and I’m the kind of person who’d show up five minutes before the agreed time. We’re opposites! xD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I can be up if needed to but I can’t function properly with less sleep. It always been like this ever since. *sighs* It’s probably quite difficult to be a perfectionist. I used to think that I am but I compromise a lot so that I will not spend so much time (guess I’m not). I do have that time too! It’s really hard having to go through a dry spell. ^^;

  2. I’m writing this and its 12:10AM and I JUST finished publishing my post for the day. I definitely get you! I would love to be able to schedule everything for the week and not worry but I can never find the time, so night time is always the best time for me and just becomes the most productive time I have to work hard and fast. I do lose some sleep but I can make up for that in the morning hehe.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I don’t lose sleep ever with blogging. I’m just wide awake at night for some reason, ahaha. And tbqh night is really a free time for me. It is when I do all my recreational activities such as blogging. Thanks Tracey!

  3. I am definitely NOT a night owl in any way, haha. I get SO tired when it’s night time, and my body is just like: go to sleep, Chiara.

    So I do a lot of my blog in the morning/middle of the day. I try to give myself an hour of commenting between 11.00am and 12.00pm, but that’s only been very recent, because I always had uni before now. Back in those days, I would just find time to blog whenever I could. As for writing posts, I generally write them just before they go up, or if I have something really specific to say and inspiration strikes, I’ll write it at that moment.

    I am pretty sloppy when it comes to blogging at a particular time, obviously XD But I think as long as we’re getting it done, and it’s not affecting us negatively, then we’re doing okay ^.^

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I really admire people who can wake up early. I mean that’s normal approach, but even if I have enough sleep, mornings & afternoons just make me listless. I did that too, writing my post before it goes live. But now, I found just writing my post beforehand (or that time I thought of the topic), then sched it; easier & less time consuming.

      As long we get things done, the approach doesn’t seem to matter. ;D

  4. Kezia Liemen says:

    I just went here today and WHOA LOOK AT THAT NEW THEME!!! It’s orange-ish and it’s different since I’ve always associated pink and grey and neutral colors with you but yeah, I can get use to this xD I love the owl!!! Your new design reminds me of the fall season somehow 🙂

    I tried scheduling before and it doesn’t work so I’m definitely the sporadic type xD I’m also a night owl and I spend a lot of time before bed on the internet but most of the time I’m distracted with other stuff so I end up not writing my post ^^; I wish I can write blog posts as fast as you!!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thank you, Kezia! I thought my last theme was so lonely, too monochromatic. I went and put some colors (that are actually visible). Autumn is my fave season (though we don’t have one here, but I love the cold, the golden leaves, it just feel calmer…)

      I’m doing schedule right now. I find it easier becasue like Chri said there are times I experience dry spell and I don’t like my blog to feel like it’s being neglected. LOL internet is a big distraction but without it I/we can’t blog. It’s in the power of our endurance, haha!

  5. Alex says:

    Eep! I’m definitely not a night owl. Even if I try to stay up, I just sleep off. I’ve slept off on my phone many times! I like writing in the mornings but not early mornings. I don’t schedule much. I rarely do that but maybe I should try that often!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m kinda jealous of people who can easily fall asleep. It’s a struggle, unless I’m very, very exhausted (or I’m inside a vehicle). I just recently started scheduling & it works wonders. Maybe you should try it, too. ;D

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