Blogger / It is messy but it's okay, I'm sticking to this routine,

Said it plenty of times already but it bears repeating so here we go: when I started my blog all I wanted was an avenue for my random thoughts. I used to have mini blogs elsewhere before I settled down on livejournal until everyone made an exodus because of numerous problems roused ten years or so now. Instead of moving I created my online space. I also wanted it to be under the radar, while it was open to the public, I never really plugged it like I did with my other sites. I was simply just molding it as my personal hub for everything else I wasn’t doing site-wise before.

I planted my roots on book blogging and pulling out was kinda confusing.

Then I became obsessed with reading to the point all I was writing & talking about were books I read. I was hesitant to post my reviews on shelfari (do you still remember this site?) then I moved to goodreads and realized that I can do book reviews on blog. It morphed as book blog and for good amount of years it remained that way. It was a book blog. I was called a book blogger (was hesitant to call myself that actually) and I was semi-active to the community. In the short (long?) bookish gig I’ve learned a lot and I am forever thankful for the many opportunities came my way and the friendship that built because of it. But then it came a time where I wasn’t into it. My interests were changing big time. And the longer I tried to stick to it, the more obvious that my heart wasn’t there. And a hobby is something that I should enjoy. So I disregarded the little name I made. It was really time to move on.

I moved on but I didn’t really so and I was stuck in the middle, confused.

Moving on, I changed from books to anime/manga/webtoons. I tried to “recap” manga or webtoons. Did monthly highlight for the series I read. Did short recap of my seasonal anime. And realized, ooops! Wasn’t this the same as my bookish phase only with different niche? Looking back I was so confused and didn’t know I was. With all the rebranding I did, the transition was sadly awkward and was screaming identity crisis. I concocted features after features after features and with most of them getting defunct after few posts. Until I got fed up with the whole situation because I wasn’t sure anymore (and that was two years in after my third rebranding). I wanted more personal and more fun!! The theme changes wasn’t doing any reigniting the interest anymore. And I took a break and came back refresh and ready to give it go for the fourth time. And fourth time was the charm.

I pulled myself together and made terms. And now I’m blogging freely and loving every minute of it.

There are a lot of changes, sure. I do post less than before. I talked about simple topics that sparks discussion inside my head. I still concentrate about reading, specifically manga and webtoon but it’s all about my thoughts now. No more striving to sound professional. I feel like the intimate vibe is more me anyways. I may sound redundant and objective-less (if this even a word?) but this is my real blogging mojo. I stop containing my blog inside a box of labels. I rarely—if not at all—consider things that don’t really mirror my preferences. Yes, I’ve gone rogue, niche-less and I love that I get to post what I want, when I want. It is messy but it’s okay. And I’m sticking to this routine, thank you very much!