Blogger / In which Mitchii ponders if she ever has regret her decisions blogger-wise!

Do I have blogging regrets? I don’t think I have, I couldn’t think of anything I did with my blog that I regret. Every changes I made, be it spontaneous or well-though out, I didn’t regret doing it, maybe because this blog represents so much of what I want, rather than what is out there!  Therefore I haven’t felt those regrets that I sometimes read from other’s experiences.

I was thinking it through if there’s even a minor thing that I’ve regret doing so I can say that I do have those cases. But nah, I don’t have! And I think it’s kinda amazing that I don’t have like that. I think it really boils down to you as the blogger. This is just me and you can ditch this tip if you don’t up for it, or don’t agree with it, but if you’re a personal blogger or you’re doing this as a hobby or fun then never put others in you decision-making! Like thinking will people leave me if I do this, will people like me more if I change up. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t care about your readers—they’re very important too! But your blog should be you!  You run it, you own it, therefore you should follow what ‘you’ wanted! And that’s always been my mantra all these years.

I think I’ll regret it if I didn’t change up and decided to stick to book blogging. Caging myself to the label and try to accommodate the mold that comes with it. And in turn the blog is not run by me, but run by other things I think is important than what I truly desire. And to me that’s all red flags. I have so much stuff on my plate and blogging keeping those things at bay! I’m happy doing this!

So no, I don’t have regrets! Hopefully none in the future if I follow my mantra all this time! But not having regrets doesn’t mean that it was smooth sailing blogging time for me! Of course, I occasionally hit slump, creative boredom and most of the time, time to time, laziness! But when that happy dose kicks in blogging time is the happiest time for me!  Therefore I don’t like shackling myself; I give in so I don’t have regrets! After all it’s my hobby!

How about you? Do you have any blogging decisions you regret? What was it? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!


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  1. I’m glad you have no blogging regrets, Mitchii!!

    I’m not sure if I do. But I do that thing where I wonder if Ill lose followers or whatever if I step too much outside the “book blog” niche, which is why I created my writing blog (which is more just a general place where I can talk about anything I want, rather than just a writing blog). I think that pressure to stay a book blog really got to me, but I also don’t regret creating my other blog because I love it. I love the design (thank you <3), and I love the fact that I CAN post whatever I want on there, without any pressure for it to be confined to one thing. I post about writing, and books, publishing, and tv shows. I don't feel any kind of pressure.

    So I guess even that "book blog" pressure resulted in something positive, even if it stemmed from something not so positive, haha. I still do get those niche feelings, but then I remember that I chose to create a book blog, and that I love books a lot – that won't change. So I try to find passionate bookish posts to write, and hope that people enjoy them.

    I really do love the freedom of my other blog, though, and I think it would be kind of awesome to have them as one and the same like you do! But I also want to be a published author one day, and I wouldn't necessarily want all my reviews and discussions and whatnot on my author blog… So I think I made the right decision. I certainly don't regret it, which I think speaks volumes 🙂

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