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Author:  J.A. London Series: (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy #2) Published:...

HarperTeenAuthor:  J.A. London
Series: (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy #2)
Published: December 26th 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Post-Apocalytic, Urban Fantasy

Sometimes you just liked the book as it is. No matter how simple the story was. Or how flawed it was, you still enjoyed it. That’s how I describe my relationship with Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy. It wasn’t a masterpiece, and yes I can see bucket full of faults but regardless of the negative stuff it possess I still enjoyed it. Genuinely liked it. There’s something about the pure joy of just enjoying the book for what it can only offer.

I really disliked how the first book ended with a cliffhanger, even though I got a glimpse, thankfully because of the preview at the end it didn’t lessen my frustrations that it ended that way. That’s why I was so relieved to have this book on my hand to continue the story where it abruptly ended the last time.

So in the first book they found out the existence of the daywalkers, a newly evolved vampire who can walk on broad daylight. Then there’s the Thirst plaguing the vampire community. They’re facing lots of problems. Dawn is also worried about Victor after he drank from her they haven’t communicated in a while. But she was surprised that they are connected and can talk via dream. They didn’t know what the link meant and how it was possible for them to communicate in that way. But it turns out there’s a reason behind why she was experiencing this thing with him and the person who haunts her in sleep and asked for him to find him knows the answer to her true identity. An identity that also a huge connection to the vampire families. This revelation will change her outlook and life forever.

I was asking before why is Dawn so special and I got the answers here. I was glad that it didn’t try to drag it and put that information on the last installment. Though I really wanted to tell you, I won’t if you’re fan of the series you’ll be surprised to know what Dawn’s true association to the vampire families, I mean the old family. I sort of suspect that about Dawn, thought it was different from what I have concluded. She has history with the vampire and you can see the shady vampire politics that occurred before. Her relatives are far more special than the normal vampires because they have an ability that is totally their own. Also we found she also has some connection with Sin. And she is closer to him than what she could’ve imagined.

There’s not much of Victor and most of the time they were together is when Victor is dreaming. I’ve said that they’re connected in some way. It was ambiguous at first but later revealed how it was possible for them to do it. It all connected to her and mystery of her existence.

If you’re a fan of Michael then this book is also for you. More of him in a sense he appeared a lot more than Victor (I think) but I think it’s too late with all lovey dovey moment and Dawn is drawn more and more to Victor.

I’m curious how it will wrap up the story. Now “that” is out in the open, I wonder how the relationship between the human will change. Is it possible for them to live harmoniously despite their huge differences?

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