Author: E.L. James
Published: (book 1) May 26th 2011 ; (book 2) September 15th 2011; (book 3) Published January 19th 2012
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House
Categories: Contemporary, Erotica
Overall Series Rating:

This is a book series review. 😀

***ok, I know, I know judge me now. I freaking read it. But I’m ashamed to admit it, but for the sake of honesty and stubbornness as I’m having a difficult time shutting up every time I read a book (a compulsion to review, why self, why?!) here’s my two cents for the entire series which is dubbed as the next big thing…*SMH* Really, WTF happened people?***

I couldn’t believe that I actually read this book (this series). But everywhere I look it’s always there. From USA Today. New York Times. From various e-book stores. To even our local bookstores. It’s there flashing in its blueish-grayish glory! Taunting me to read it.

I began to wonder. I need to try it. I have to see it for myself. It’s not my turf. This is not my genre. But curiosity won, so I caved in.

I have two expectations:  either I hate it or like it. But to my surprise it was ok. Not ok, ok. Just…*shrugs* Not really bad as I thought it will be but not really as huge as other thought it was. I mean, what’s the deal? This isn’t the first time I read a character that is extremely rich, extremely good looking, extremely—pardon my French—fucked up. No, not really the first.

Fifty Shades of Grey (book 1), Fifty Shades Darker (book 2), Fifty Shades Freed (book 3)

And to be honest, I immensely preferred Jose (the friend) or Ethan (the best friend’s brother) than Christian. No offense, but the baggage… *shrugs again* that said, good for Ana to accept everything about him. She might really like him. All of him…I guess. (why isn’t that romantic to me?)

And weird though that I liked the middle book (Fifty Shades Darker) most because I got to see Christian’s past. Why he was like that? Why made him like that? I’m more interested why he was emotionally damaged. And why channeled those through sex? Specifically bdsm.

I’m not into the genre (or the bdsm). I mean I’m not gonna judge people who, er, do this kind of lifestyle. Or liked this genre. That’s their life, whatever floats their boat. But personally, I don’t. And probably was tainted by the images in our abnormal psychology class (our topic was sexual variation). But whips, chains don’t do it for me. Besides, I don’t like being treated as a possession. Not really romantic to me.

Now if you extract the sex scenes which are 80 percent of the entire plot, there’s only a small room for the story, for character development and for the rest that matters. But this is erotica did I expect it to have less? Of course not. I didn’t go in blind. I expected it to be. Now, if you’re trying this genre I think this is good start. It’s not really, um, hard core (pardon the pun) than others. But don’t get me wrong, the kinks are there, the sex is all over the place (I meant that literally) but did I say 80%? Yes, there’s an actual story. Little as it is. Not really mind blowing. Not really hard breaking. Not really dramatic. And, sorry fans, not really romantic to me. There’s so little development to their relationship. It was highest to lowest and back again. An agonizing cycle of events.

Some say you cannot change the guy. I agree. Especially as complicated as Christian. This guy has traumatic experience and we all know that sex for him (bdsm) is some sort of therapeutic avenue. So you cannot change the guy overnight. But that said, and how it looked to me, Christian didn’t change completely. But he doesn’t easily succumb to his sexual impulses now. But he still does it, to his wife. And the wife, Ana, allows him to do it to her but on some degree. She’s not really entirely submissive, but she still allows him because she wanted to please him. Though it was less intense than his previous subs/experience. But he’s not completely off the lifestyle.

I’m sticking to YA, or probably adult chick-lit/urban-fantasy. I need a story. I’m not a prude: sex is ok, it’s wonderful. But as a new reading preference? For now, I’ll pass. I rather read books that amuse me; that I enjoy. I did not fully enjoy this book. It was a break from my norm but wouldn’t be something I’m venturing any time soon.