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Don’t mind the handwriting! 2015 is around the corner? Have...


Don’t mind the handwriting! 2015 is around the corner? Have you already set new bookish goals? (and am I early posting this post?!)

Looking back at my bookish goals I set up last year for this year, I can say that I sorta didn’t make it. From 260+ books to shaky 172; the difference is visibly noticeable. I did have a great start for the first six months and then this happened. Not that I regret it but it does make me realize what a failure I am with handling my time with my interest/hobbies. Blogging wise, my posts were sporadic and quite minimal as well. I didn’t try a classic book (again!) and I stopped attending bookish event (and by that I mean book signings…I dislike the system of book signings here!)

But you know what I did meet new friends! And I’m still enjoying blogging so I guess it’s not a complete letdown after all.

But let’s changed something here. I’m gonna be a bit more realistic here and set something that are easier to do for my pace. With my slump hovering like the giant elephant in the room, I guess baby step—tiny, very small step is what I need to reawaken the bookworm Mitchii that is now satisfyingly slumbering.

Read 52 books.

  • Like what? Yes, I’m serious! From this person who managed to exceed 100 books in the past four years, 52 should be a piece of cake, right? Here’s the deal: S-L-U-M-P. I’ll try to read 1 book a week and see if it improved.

Blog on topics that I want whenever I want!

  • Maintaining two blogs is not easy that’s for sure. But for Kyaa, it’s easy because I can be as random as I can and since it’s just an outlet (word vomit) for me, I don’t intend it to branch more than it is now. But for Aeropapers, I want it more creative: more than…reviews. 99% of my posts from the very beginning of the blog are reviews. Now, I think, I enjoy posting stuff that are book related, not only book reviews. Reviews are still relevant but blogging aside from it is way more fun for me.

Be more outgoing.

  • I’m a Saiko Yonebayashi (Tokyo Ghoul:re fans you know what I’m referring to *winks*). I hate going outdoors or anything that need to get my butt off of the chair. But I want to attend events that I find interesting. I think I declined/missed few invitations (like that HC blogger event…yep, I’m crazy). I need to step up my game.

Try never before genre/s!

  • You know what, after reading mature series (and by ‘mature’ not sexually explicit content more dark stories, very gritty and morally gray) like Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin, I’m craving for more series that I haven’t tried yet. I wasn’t a seinen fan, honestly was reluctant to even try, but lo and behold my favorite series right now is a seinen series. So probably why I’m attracted to books that feels new to me, like for instance, Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson (I have an ARC of this!) because it sounds different, kinda unique to me. I want to test the waters! It can be fruitful like what has happened to me with Tokyo Ghoul.

Meet new bookish/otaku friends!

  • Admittedly, I’m not the most outgoing person but I would like to be friends with you. Some people think I’m a snob because I hardly initiate conversation. But I warm up easily especially if we have something in common (books, animanga, perhaps?).

Enjoy blogging!

  • And of course! And always!

Have you already prepared your bookish goals for 2015? What are those? Do we share the same goals? Please share it with me, I love to hear it! <3

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