It’s my blog’s birthday so yeah, please let me do it this time. @.@

Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging and the community.

I don’t know if I’m in the position to discuss topic such as this (but it’s my blog’s birthday month so please allow me just this time). But what I’m really proud of myself is that I managed to run my blog consistently for years. And I still love it the same way when I first started it. There was only one month that I skipped and that was because of some minor glitch regarding my overall domain. But even if I was absent that time I never stopped reading. Oops, I digress, I always try to post every day. If I didn’t post that day or that week it was because I was too busy in RL, or haven’t read anything. And if I haven’t read anything I can’t review it, now can I? My book blog is very personal to me. I groove the way I like not because anyone’s standards. I have my own ways that really work for me and now will share it to you (though it can be applied into anything, actually. They’re very general.) So here are the three things I always keep in mind when it comes to blogging:

  • Keep it simple.

You know what they say about biting off more than you can chew? Yes, for me that’s true. Don’t try to complicate things. Too many things at once not only will distract you but will pressure you to do things beyond your limit. Unless you’re good working under pressure but please don’t stress yourself out. Personally, I don’t like to work under pressure. I don’t do schedule. I’m an in-a-moment kind of girl. And that works for me. In reviewing I follow very simple rule: read then write review. Simple enough, right? (as a matter of fact, I just thought of this topic earlier today). But if it helps you to schedule post, fine, do it. Whatever it is that will help you ease your way in this this hobby, try it. Look for a momentum that works for you. I’m throwing cliches again but really, the simpler the better.

  • Be yourself.

Like this little dude says, always be yourself. © Copyright:

Even though I suck at writing (one of the reason why I decided to blog was to improve it), I still try to write my review the way I know how. Write with your own words and don’t write to please people or emulate someone because you think that writing style is popular. If you have sincere thoughts about the book it will naturally flow. I love to read blog that I can easily associate with the owner (blog design, content, etc.). 🙂

  • Love it!

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You already heard of this line but it’s really true: just love what you do and have fun with it. Simple enough but really that’s all there is. When you love what you do it shows. If you’re forced to write review and it is not sincere it will show too. So keep those two words in your mind: love & fun! Really that’s the real key here.

Please don’t start book blogging for the wrong reasons. Stats, ARCs, popularity while they’re awesome are not as strong drive as being really passionate about what you do. It is the best way to motivate yourself to be better.  Always think that regardless of the perks the bloggers receive because of blogging it is and will never be enough to last long. Like I said, do it because you love it. And when you’re in it for the right reasons, you will just see yourself growing. :p