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 From reader to the person responsible to what they are...

 From reader to the person responsible to what they are reading. Do you want to become an author?

Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging, and the book community.

Have you ever dream to write your own novel? I read this somewhere before and the person wrote in her post why she buys books; it’s because she believes in good karma, that supporting the industry will help her when it’s her time. She’s a bookworm, and a blogger who aspires to become an author. How about you? Is it also your dream to become an author yourself?

I’m not good at writing. I am a messy writer. I don’t even spare enough time to edit my posts (if you frequent my blog, you already notice the mistakes plastered on all of my posts). I think I did some script writing in school before and my teacher liked it that it was used in a stage play. It was probably my biggest achievement so far, in terms of my writing career. I do love writing. I have so many ideas. I just don’t have patience and skills to write a novel. So no, I never aspire to become one.

But reading people’s post especially during NaNoWriMo, many bookworms/bloggers cease this time to continue or finish their novels. For me, it’s just another month. But during that time, I realized many bookworms write their novels. And this early stage already making the right move towards the direction they want. And I guess, most authors also started with the same thought process. I think we already heard of this story from the author themselves, on how big readers they are and now became these established authors. They started where we are now. So I fully understand where the desire is coming from.

But becoming a novelist or an author was never in my radar. Not ever. But it’s not that I don’t want to be part of the publishing industry. If there’s position I’m interested in (though I’m not pursuing it or anything) I think I like to become a graphic artist, just like my brother. The people who are responsible for the pretty covers we adore. The aesthetic part of the industry. I love graphics and illustration. I love typography. I love how this process of summarizing a novel into a book cover. I mean, didn’t they tell us the picture worth a thousand words, so I’m fascinated how graphic artists transform them into a design.

But I think majority of the bookworms (it was solely based on my observation only) wants to become published authors. They want to share their stories, their ideas for public consummation. And I laud them, like the person I mentioned in my intro, you’re like giving back to the industry by sharing your story to everyone and I think that’s very commendable.

So how about you? Do you want to be an author? If yes, what (or who) inspires you to become one? Care to share it with me; I really love to hear your thoughts. 😀

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