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Do you post off-topics: not book/blogging related but personal stuff?...

Do you post off-topics: not book/blogging related but personal stuff?

Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging, and the book community.

I’m very selective of what I wish to share online. The same can be said offline. I don’t open up that easily unless I’m really close with that person. Now, if you noticed in my sidebar I used the phrase “personal book blog,” because I think despite me not sharing anything really personal about myself, my thoughts  are mine therefore it’s still personal to me.

My blog is more of a book journal. It is the reason why my blog is dominated by reviews. If you’re reader looking for the latest book updates around the book industry, I’m afraid my blog is not the place. And I like it that way. It eases up my routine; for me there’s an unaware responsibility of sharing the latest trends to everyone on my shoulders. I can’t keep up with that. And because blogging is something I simply do because I’m having fun—whether just reviewing and sporadically some book discussion like this one that I didn’t thrive to have that kind of set-up. And I’ve said before that my objective was to log my opinion on the books I read. After few years on book blogging my goal hasn’t changed. It was the essence of why I blog in the first place.

For the personal stuff, I rarely—like out of a blue moon, share anything personal about me here in my blog. I’m quite OCD and cautious that I have a separate blog for it and only few people that I allow can read my personal blog. There I share events in my life (but hasn’t done so for quite some time). Since this is a book blog I should only share the things that are book related—or at least that is what my head wants things to be done.

However many bloggers are good in incorporating their personal stuff in their book blog. And in fact, I love reading them, and I think the reason why is because they have interesting story to share whereas in my case, it’s quite…not. So I decided to spare you good people with the boringness that is my life. As a reader I like them as the blogger…not so much.

Some book blogs make it work but because of my uncomfortability and slight obsession to categorizing my websites, I decided to separate my stuff from book stuff.

So how about you, do you share personal things in your book blog. Do you also post about other stuff that are not related to books? What is your opinion on those who does? Care to share it with me?

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