Would you describe your experience as a book blogger difficult?


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This question was prompted by a tweet, I think it said: ‘blogging is hard.’ And I automatically asked myself a question: ‘is book blogging hard for me?’ Honestly, hard or difficult are one of those adjectives that I rarely describe with book blogging. But if it really necessary to answer that, I’m gonna say…no! But with that answer doesn’t mean that blogging for me is effortless. It needs tons of effort and time to maintain so basically it’s not easy. But to associate the words difficult and hard which for me is negative sounds off. I describe a math equation hard to the point of me wanting to tear the test paper to pieces (I hate Math, which is ironic since my mom is Math teacher). Going to work that you don’t like is hard. Doing something you don’t like is hard. These scenarios have one thing in common: I don’t like what I’m doing it. It’s hard for me to continue if my heart’s not in it, hence the difficulty.


But so far I have yet to experience that with book blogging. It’s not easy, that’s a fact. I don’t see myself always creative and prepared; but bumps here and there didn’t take away the fun of it. Yes,  I have to prepare my content. I need to make sure my blog is functioning properly. I need to come up interesting post, etc. etc. So no, it’s not easy but it’s not difficult either. Because I’m contented and optimistic with it! And every time I post a content, every time someone comment on my post whether it’s bajillion people or just one; or just to see some people reading my content whenever my statistic report emails me every month—the appreciation somehow makes it easy. But more than the extrinsic factors that I get from it, book blogging simply makes me happy.

You know, the only time I’m going to describe blogging hard or difficult if I’m pressuring myself to do it; if I’m not happy anymore and I’m just forcing myself to continue. Those things will make it hard for me. And because I love what I do and happy with it, my experience is positive. As I said, I give tons of effort, I devote a lot of time, I even spend money on it, but no, it is still not hard. For me, if I think that I feel like I’m pushing myself to do it, time to sort my objectives. And if that time that I’m now associating it a negative light, then perhaps, that’s where the problems lie.

So it’s your turn bookish peeps, would you ever describe blogging hard? If yes, why? Do you have tips to help struggling bloggers; care to share it?

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