Is my money well spent on book blogging?


Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging, and the book community.

When I started my web design hobby, I was so contended with free web hosting. I don’t mind the ugly URL (I don’t even know if having a ‘name’ was important). I just want to build websites *whispers: fan sites* so I didn’t bother knowing the technical aspect. I was already trying to learn HTML/CSS and Photoshop at the same time so I thought my hands were completely full and knowing the back-end was too much for me. I created many websites and met many online friends who loved what I do. I was one time asked if I wanted to be hosted—under a self-hosted server. Of course, I said yes. So I have a subdomain and it was cool. I realized there were so many perks being under a ‘paid’ service. And then I learned about domains ( is my third domain).

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So what’s with the little bit of my online history? I’m going to talk about money! The dollars, the dough, the green *insert slang word for money here.* I think I’ve heard it from Shanelle that her parents were very strict on money and she said something that caught my attention: why spend money on non-generating hobby? Hobby is something we do out of passion—strong passion. An investment even though revenue is non-existent, is a move we gladly take. There’s a reason why we are so involved with our hobbies and there’s reason why we spend money on it. It’s the passion that drives us to do it. But as a blogger: how much should we spend on blogging?

So how much do I spend? You see, I’m hosted for free; the only thing I’m paying for is my domain name. That’s about $10+/year so that’s completely cheap. I’m so thankful that Misaki hosts me for free (and if you need a hosting plan check her website. It’s very cheap compare to others and her services are top-notch. Your money is well spent with her) because we’re talking about more or less $100/year and if I convert it to Pesos, it’s quite expensive. So Misaki is like an angel to me. <3

I design my own blog so hiring a designer was never on my radar. So if I sum it up, my investment (we’re talking about money only) weren’t that big but then again I have an awesome friend/host and being DIY girl help me a lot. And to be perfectly honest, most of money is still spend on books. Yes, I’m a blogger/reviewer, and yes I receive review copies but that doesn’t mean I don’t buy books anymore. I still buy books. I love buying books. There’s big satisfaction on buying books to me.

I’m cheapskate. I’m very frugal. So I always weigh so much on spending (well except sometimes books, they were kinda hard to resist!). When I did that short freelance gig, I learned how much people are willing to spend. But here’s my biggest tip for newbies: don’t spend your money first! Why? You need to experience it first! Learn the ropes! Bloggers may come and go. Interest might changed. Be sure that you are in it for real. It’s not only about the money, it also takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it; you need to be sure you’re committed on it before you start spending some dough. :happy:

So it’s your turn bookish peeps, how much do you spend on blogging? Do you think the money you spend for it is worth it? Care to share it with me?  😀